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Get more out of your startup's social media presence.

Text of Optimizing Social Media

  • Optimizing Social Media A Portsmouth Startup Meetup presentation by Crystal Paradis | @laughtercrystal
  • Oh wait, none of these are about me
  • David Foster Wallace It is named the Web for good reason.
  • Optimizing Being found Time management Return on investment (ROI)
  • Being found Social > Website Social proof Personality Convenience
  • Being found Connect conversations about you to contact info Know when people are talking about you Let your fans promote you!
  • Common advice Truth Only join social media channels that you have time to maintain. #donotagree At least be ndable on Facebook & Twitter, at minimum Set up email notications so you dont unknowingly ignore people, but let them nd your contact info!
  • Facebook Complete about section Hours Website Phone Number Address Categories and Subcategories! Custom URL (possible baseline 25 likes) Photos (people! tags!) https://www.facebook.com/business
  • Twitter Bio Products/Services Dates/Hours Extra links Hashtag if applicable Website! (or Fb page) https://business.twitter.com/
  • LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/ Add as a Company Page (requires domain-name email address) Optimize images Add all specialties Have all employees LINK! Trafc through LinkedIn is high quality
  • Google Places https://support.google.com/business/ Photo Address(es) Hours Services SEO!!!
  • Time Management Image credit: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/
  • Email Notications! Settings Settings Settings change frequently, your screen may vary.
  • Time Management Posting frequency: Facebook Check daily Post 2x week Twitter Check daily Post 2x day LinkedIn Check daily Post 2x week Google + Share blog content Pinterest Share blog content
  • What if no one likes me? They probably just havent found you yet! Tips to boost Likes: Invite all your friends Have stakeholders invite all their friends Give things away! Engage, engage, engage
  • Getting seen in the News Feed Dont wait to be seenemail links of new posts to stakeholders, ask to like/comment/share USE PHOTOS! They get more eyeballs & shares lead back to your page. Tag ALL THE PEOPLE! (exponentially increase views) Cheat! Break it up with adorable animals or pretty photos of surroundings Think about what will stand out in the feed (this changes often)
  • #Twitter Tweetdeck! Lists!!! Follow your industry leaders Read, read, read http://www.laughtercrystal.com/2013/12/05/twitter-101-getting-started-with-twitter-lists/
  • Building a Following Think about your audience Provide value Curate what YOU nd valuable Invest time you get what you give! Be awesome
  • Time Management You get what you put into it! Minimum 1-2 hours a day Set specic, measurable goals Get professional help If you outsource, outsource local Supplement with in-house
  • Time Management Content Calendar! Map out content each week Plan, but be exible Consistent voiceone editor if multiple contributors
  • Content Calendar Simple spreadsheet or calendar (online or paper) Type of content to post each day on each channel Where possible, ll with actual content that you can easily cut and paste Experiment with series, trends, etc. Adjust based on performance (measure, analyze, adjust, repeat)
  • Professional Audit
  • Return on Investment Socialone of the few ways of advertising that you can truly measure Reporting! Sprout Social Hootsuite Native analytics
  • Should I buy #socialLOVE? What are your goals? Pricing is very specic is X amount of qualied views worth X amount of dollars? Big campaigns, events, promotions might be worth it Will denitely get more eyeballs, up to you if its worth it.
  • Is it working? Conversions! Customers Trafc Visibility! Power of suggestion/exposure Personality to attract the right clients Superfans will talk you up Reporting, analytics, etc. Social media exclusive deals Ask! Mention your social media content IRL
  • Pinterest: Hubspot Twitter: @suddenlyjamie Facebook: STREET Blogs: KISSmetrics, Copyblogger LinkedIn: Mashable Google+: SeapointDigital FMI
  • Also nd me on all the things! laughtercrystal.com vtldesign.com @laughtercrystal @Vital_Design #PortsmouthLOVE @nhwritersproj #portsbkfstclub @socialseacoast #TEDx03801
  • Questions?