Michael Kors Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Strategy,

Michael Kors Digital Strategy

By Nilay Demir

Target MarketMK is a global luxury lifestyle brand with a jet-set aesthetic that combines elements of style, elegance and sport.

People who is 25-54 years old with the high income and aspire to live an elite, glamorous yet comfortable lifestyle.

Social medIA MARKETINGFocus on primarily Facebook They have the most followers on Facebook They have less limitations than other social networks Focus Pinterest It has a lot of fashion related contentThe brands target market is fashion-conscious people.Click through rate evaluates Campaigns effectiveness

WebSITEThe website just has a celebrity wears on the red carpet. Create a section for celebrities who uses MK products in their daily life and name it Celebrity Street Style. Create a section for MK summer and winter holiday product ideas and name it Of Kors Holiday.

search engine marketingMK has been already using Michael Kors, MK, Michael Kors outlet Michael Kors watches as a keyword.

They released their Jet Set 6 collection recently, introduced their products as fall essentials or style essentials and used word of glamour in their advertisement enormously.

search engine marketingThey should use Jet society as a keyword to tie up to Jet Set. Essential style to link to fall essentials and style essentials. Glamour style as a keyword to associate with their brand message.

The brands website is a mobile user friendly. The website detects if you are coming from a smartphone or desktop, and automatically adapts the screen size, resulting in a flawless user experience regardless of the device.


Mobile marketing

Big Idea is Of kors a mobile APPMichael Kors surprisingly doesnt have a mobile app. Create an app that has a product barcode scan section to allows users see the location and remaining size of the same product in other stores. The app has a location checking in section where only Michael Kors customers can check in and show where they are.

Big Idea is Of kors a mobile APPThe MK app promote goods, events and ideas based on users personalized information such as location, gender and enable users to online shopping. This app helps to create a pop culture among people, provide direct engagement, increase brand loyalty and online shopping profit.

Digital Strategy budgetFacebook&Pinterest Marketing 10,000+4,000 14,000/mo.Monitoring, Audit, Custom, Employee, Promoted Posts, Sponsored Story, Mobile marketing; 500,000App design, Employee, Planning, App administration, Testing, Online shopping&Barcode&Checkin software, Facebook Open Graph SEO marketing; 35,000/mo.Audit, Employee, Reporting & Insights, SEO agency, New Google AdWords CostsWebsite marketing ; 20,000/mo.Web Analytics, New sections s web design, Employee, Other.