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  1. 1. LinkedInTalent Solutions Targeting
  2. 2. Profile-based Targeting Title Company Geography Member enteredorIP Group Membership Company Following School FieldofStudy GraduationYear
  3. 3. 3 USER PROVIDED Company Job Title Geography Company Following Group Membership School Graduation Year Field of Study DERIVED Function Seniority Company Size Company Industry Years of Experience Gender Age Geography (IP) Leverage LinkedIn Profile-based Targeting
  4. 4. Danie Seattle, WA USA Boston University COMPANY INDUSTRYSIZE SCHOOL LOCATION JOB TITLE SENIORITY FUNCTION FIELD OF STUDY DEGREE GRADUATION AGE SKILLS GROUPS IP Communication Bachelor of Science 2011, 25-34 Simply Measured, 51-200, Internet Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing, Senior IC CMA, LEWIS, Social Tools SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging
  5. 5. 5 Targeting by Function Inferred from user entered title User Entered Title (possibly many) Standardized Title Seniority Function LevelsofSeniority: Unpaid/Training/EntryIC*/SeniorIC*/ Manager/Director/VP/CXO/Partner/Owner *Individualcontributor(IC)includeshighlyskilled professionalsex.Engineer,teacher,doctor,lawyer,etc
  6. 6. 6 Targeting by Years of Experience Inferred from user entered job experience User Entered Job Titles (possibly many) Years of Experience per job + Years of Experience per job = Total Years of Experience
  7. 7. Company Size and Company Industry 7 Member industry is directly inferred from their current experience Company Entered Name Company Entered Industry Company Entered # of employees Sample Targeting Facets: Company Name LinkedIn Company Industry Internet Company Size 5,000-10,000 Large companies may span several industries but can only choose one. Spot-check company pages to ensure you are targeting the correct industry.
  8. 8. Skills Targeting reach experts in their field When targeting by skills you are reaching members who: Explicitly added their skills into the skills section Have skills mentioned on their profile text, but not within the explicit skills section Have inferred skills based on explicit skills and key values they entered
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