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LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGES Status Updates Best Practices (Guide as part of Marketing Solutions) No. 20130418-8260


  • 1. Marketing SolutionsLinkedInCompany PagesStatus Update BestPracticesAs a LinkedIn Company Page administrator, you canpost a status update on behalf of your company.This is a powerful way to build relationships withyour company's followers and keep your companytop of mind.To help you get the most out of posting CompanyPage Status Updates, here's our list of top 10 tips:10 Tips for Engaging Followers withStatus Updates1. Personalize your messages to your audienceDrive increased engagement by targeting your statusupdates to specic groups of your followers usingLinkedIns rich, up-to-date prole data.2. Remember what LinkedIn members areinterested inLooking to engage your followers, create leads, andfacilitate customer conversion? Focus on sharingrelevant and actionable insights about your companyand industry.Informative, useful updates receive the highestengagement rates because thats the informationmembers expect from companies they follow onLinkedIn. After all, your followers are active onLinkedIn because they want to be more productiveand successful professionals. 60% of members are interested in industry insights 53% are interested in company news 43% are interested in new products and servicesDo: Include your biggest brand advocates inyour targeting -- your employees! Employees are70% more likely to take action on your updateand spread your message to their networks byliking, sharing, or commenting on your posts.Dont: Dont add so many targeting lters thatyou exclude audiences that may nd your statusupdate interesting.

2. Copyright 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation inthe United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.10-LCS-081-G 03133. Encourage your audience to participateExtend your reach by encouraging your followers tolike, comment, and share your posts. Participate in the conversation with follow-upquestions or answers Cross-promote your status updates by postingthem through both your Company Page andGroups Write updates that include clear calls to action(e.g., like, share, or Tell us something) Ask questions to spark participation in thediscussion threadDo: Post updates that give followers a sneakpeak into your companys upcoming product orservice launches.Do: Ask followers for their opinion withquestions that elicit an emotional response andinspire passionate conversations.4. Keep it briefMake your posts succinct and meaningful. Buildindustry credibility by adapting your language to matchthat of your targeted industries. If youre posting todevelopers, use their language. If youre targeting bycountry, localize your spelling for the region in whichyour audience is based.5. Time your status updatesTime the posting of your status updates duringbusiness hours for maximum reach. LinkedIns busiesthours are morning and midday, Monday through Friday.6. Post regularlyPost as many status updates as your content supports.You will reach more of your audience and extend yourreach as you post more often. Companies that post 20 times a month, on average,reach 60% of their followers with 1 or more updates. 20% of followers are typically reached with onestatus update.7. Experiment and learnKeep testing your targeting, content, and strategy.Keep conversations fresh with different content types from company news to event announcements toindustry insights. Certain content may resonate morewith different targeting segments. Experiment to learnwhat works! Try posting the same status update at differenttimes of the day, different days of the week, or withdifferent headlines to maximize reach.8. Plan your editorial calendarCompanies that have organized their content strategyand administrative access have seen tremendous resultswith engagement. Assign multiple admins for the Company Page sothat different stakeholders can split the work andcontrol content for specic lines of business. Create an editorial calendar so that each admin canorganize their content and the timing of statusupdates.9. Monitor, analyze, and reneMonitor and analyze individual status updateperformance and your follower analytics page to reneyour strategy. Pay attention to the audience targeting,types of content, time of day and frequency that drivethe most interactions.10. Recruit help if you need itDon't try to do it alone. Use our social mediamanagement partners to help you manage your postsand Company Page strategy. Partners include Hootsuite, Buddy Media, Sprinklr,Spredfast. Stay tuned for more partners comingsoon!For more information, please Dont always ask followers questionsabout your company. Members engage withyour brand on LinkedIn if you offer them ideasand solutions. If you decide to post companynews, ask yourself whether your followers willtruly nd it valuable.