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  • LinkedIn Company Page Tips

    With over 350 million LinkedIn members, your company presence on LinkedIn is the ideal place to connect with and update existing and potential clients, business partners and future hires.

    Dont have a company page yet? Create a new page here

  • 3 Steps to a great company presence

    Write an interesting introduction to your company, products and services and add basic information such as website, contact details and industry

    Upload an eye-catching banner picture and your company logo. These are the elements that make your page stand out.

    First, hit the Edit button

    Hit Publish to, well, publish.


    Designate your page admins. Having a few administrators is a good idea, in case one person is unavailable or leaves the company.



  • Next: Grow & Engage your Followers

    Keep your followers interested with regular status updates. These can be company news, product updates, industry articles or employee profiles. Get your followers to like, comment on, and share your updates.

    Target the right people You can target select audiences with your status updates if you wish.

    98% Average more comments on updates with pictures

    75% Higher share rate on updates with videos

    Let your viewers take action: post links to your blog, an interesting article or publish top 10 or best in class lists

    Avoid Recruiter Hijack (yes, thats a thing!): Like your website, this is your commercial presence. Aim to keep were hiring messages to less than 20%

    78% The average percentage of Followers who may be interested in your job opportunities

  • Promote your Page

    Share Company Status Updates See previous page. Status updates are the most effective tool to engage and grow your followers.

    Add easy buttons to your company website These include Apply with LinkedIn, Sign in with LinkedIn, Share on LinkedIn etc. Go to: https://developer.linkedin./com

    Encourage Employees to share your Updates All they need to do is to click Share on your company page update.

    Link your website to your LinkedIn company page Simply hyperlink your pages to make it easy for viewers to follow you.

  • Promote your Employer Brand

    Showcase Your Talent Brand & Career Opportunities Engage potential candidates who dont visit your website. Companies with a career page influence 50% more job conversions on LinkedIn. Customise your employee value proposition for your key talent segments. Career Pages are an additional, paid-for module. Speak with your representative to learn more.