How to Raise Your Business Profit from Social Media

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Social media proves that its one of the biggest criteria for every business winner. Many businesses have raised their ROI with social media. Every marketer uses social media in a different way for different business. You need to set up a plan or strategy for greater achievement. KarmaKrowd help you to achieve your target via social media for your crowdfunding campaigns success. We teach each marketer the great social media marketing tips & techniques that help you to succeed.


  • 1. Power Of Social Media Everyone is well known to Social Media. In these days Social Media is the biggest platform for every business success. Millions of peoples are using social media websites to explore their interest in daily routine. This tends to every business to share their information to achieve social interaction.

2. About KarmaKrowd KarmaKrowd is a Crowdfunding base platform that provides an opportunity to crowdfunder to create crowdfunding campaigns. It also provides a services of protecting your intellectual properties and marketing services to increase your marketplace brand awareness. Here we show you how social media helping us in our crowdfunding business success. 3. Popular Social Media Platform Facebook Twitter Pinterest StumbleUpon Google+ Instagram LinkedIn In these days everyone is passionate about social media platform . Its a place where you can find more & more customers and most commonly used platforms are 4. Facebook Facebook is the worlds largest social networking platform. More than 1 Billion active users Best use for sharing and connecting 1 Million Websites are integrated with Facebook 52% of all marketers have found a customer via Facebook 90% of small business are on Facebook 5. Twitter Twitter is the microblogging social website Best use for distributing content & build relationship 560 Million active users 5700 tweets happen every second 70% small businesses are on Twitter 34% of marketers have generated leads via Twitter 6. Pinterest Pinterest is a visual discovery social platform Its a new leading traffic generator for retail brands People use Pinterest to get & explore ideas base on their interest 70 Millions active users 51% of top businesses are on Pinterest People share innovative ideas by pining & ripining 7. Google+ Google+ is a place to connect and to explore your interest 40% of marketers use Google+ 400 Million active users 925000 new users everyday Its an social network where top brands & users build circles to connenct with all communities 8. Linkedin Linkedin is a business oriented social network site 240 Million active users 83% of businesses are on Linkedin Best for networking & finding leads 43% of all marketers found a customer via Linkedin 37% of businesses increased their marketing presence with Linkedin 94% of recruiters use this to find potential candidate 9. StumbleUpon StumbleUpon is the biggest platform for sharing interest based stuff It drives 50% of referral traffic in social media 51 pages are added every minute Thousands of people stumble their everyday to explore for the most innovative stuff over the web 10. Instagram Instagram is social sharing website all around pictures & micro videos Best for photo sharing & networking 150 Million active users 54% of top businesses are on Linkedin 5 Millions photo are uploaded to Instagram everyday Brands use Hashtag to increase their awareness 11. Social Media Strategy What is your targeted audience What age groups are your customers Which social platform is best fitted for your industry Is your customers like to shop online To achieve great success from Social Media everyone should set a strategic social media plan. Different types of business use social media in different ways. There are few key points that are need to know before starting with social media. 12. Social Media Business Benefits Improve Net Revenue Increase Online Visitors Increase Online Visibility Increase User Engagement 13. To know More About KarmaKrowd Services Visit Or Contact Us (248) 561-3700 And Follow Us At Facebook Follow Us At Twitter