How to Make Instagram Work for Your Brand

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  • How to make Instagram work FOR YOUR BRAND

    by Ari Krzyzek of

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    WHY YOU SHOULD BE ON INSTAGRAM 1.It shows your brands personality, 2.Its all in the visual 3.It builds brand following, 4.It drives traffic to you/your site, 5.It makes your brand/product easier to search for.

    STYLING YOUR PHOTOSNatural light makes better photos,

    Create a theme or color coordination,

    Be spontaneous and dont aim for perfection.

    Instagram photo by:

    PROPER HASHTAG = EASIER TO BE FOUNDHashtag has become more popular on multiple social media platform, especially on Instagram. Because the posts on Instagram are visuals, you can increase your chance on getting your brand/businesses/product easier to be found by using relevant keyword hashtags. You can also

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    use industry related hashtag for your post as an alternative. Though keep in mind and try not to hashtagbomb your post.

    For example, the photo below is a shot of Le Papier Studio latest product, silhouette ornament and this post set a great example to describe the items on the shot and include a set of related hashtag

    lepapierstudio You know the holidays are approaching when custom silhouette ornaments orders start coming in Starting at $30 we can take your loved one profile pictures and turn them into one of a kind silhouette ornament. Think grandparents gifts!! #ornaments #1stornament #1stchristmas #grandparentsgift #silhouetteornament #lepapierstudio #customfromphotos

    Instagram photo by: lepapierstudio

    SCHEDULING INSTAGRAM POSTSThere are few ways to schedule your instagram posts using third party applications.



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    You will need to schedule the posts on the desktop versions of the applications website as well as downloading the respective app on your mobile device. The app will give you a notification/reminder to post your scheduled Instagram post with just a few clicks.

    GAIN MORE FOLLOWERSNow that you are ready to get going on Instagram, how do you gain more followers? We all like to have more people following us/our business on Instagram right? Here are some options:

    1.Create/participate in Instagram loop giveaways 2.Use related hashtag 3.Leave a genuine comment on other users posts



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