How to Become a Social Media Superstar

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How do you become a social media superstar? Start with good online behavior. Add 5 social media sites your competitors aren't using. Measure your results. Use those results to improve!


  • 1. Becoming a Social MediaSuperstarErin BrennerRight Touch Editing

2. 25% offBasic Membership or 1Audio Conference:ComCentral14 3. #CommCen2014 4. Todays Topics How do you become asocial media superstar? Move beyond the BigThree. Measure your results! 5. What is a socialmedia superstar? 6. 6.6 millionfollowers! 7. A Social Media Superstar IsA person who has reached a certainlevel of industry leadership andsuccess, in the eyes of his/her fans,followers and peers.Mari Smith, social mediapractitioner 8. A Social Media SuperstarHas a positivereputation in theircommunity. 9. How do you achievesuperstardom? 10. Organize Your Presence 11. More on the Hub-and-SpokeE-Merging in Social Media for Editors: 12. Use Your MannersBe professional.Be respectful.Be approachable.Be positive. 13. Use Your MannersBe yourself onyour best day. 14. Follow Best PracticesFill out your profilecompletely.Post regularly.Stay on topic. 15. Follow Best PracticesLearn the advancedfeatures.Use hashtags smartly.Follow the rule of thirds. 16. Follow Best PracticesGive your audiencesomething fornothing. 17. Use hashtagssmartly. 18. HashtagsCategorizes the post foryour reader.Familiarize youraudience with yourtopics. 19. Hashtags 20. HashtagsGive youraudience accessto more info. 21. Hashtags 22. Hashtags Give people a way todiscover you. Give you a way todiscover others. 23. Hashtags to Try#editingtips#copyediting#amediting#grammar#amwriting#SelfPublishing#WritingTips#Authors#IndieAuthor#WritersLife 24. Google+ Suggestions 25. Who Supports Hashtags? 26. 12 Hashtags per Post 27. Follow the Ruleof Thirds. 28. The Rule of Thirds1/3 of postsshould beoriginal content. 29. Whats Original Content?Positive comments onworkWriting tipsGrammar lessonFacts youve learned 30. The Rule of Thirds1/3 of postsshould shareothers content. 31. The Rule of Thirds1/3 of posts shouldengage inconversations. 32. We Go Online To Solve problems.Be educated.Be entertained.Be informed. 33. Social Media Golden RuleGive your audiencesomething fornothing. 34. Move Beyond theBig Three. 35. Who Are the Big Three? 36. Download the Social Media Map 37. Sites to Consider 38. Google+ 39. Isnt G+ Dead? 40. Isnt G+ Too Small? 1 billion G+ accounts 359 million monthly active users 33% overall annual growth 56% growth of 4554 year old groupSource: 22 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2014, 41. Whos on G+? Males: 63% of audience Aged 2534: 35% of audience Tech workers: Strong presenceSource: Adjust Your Set 42. Google+ Pro TipsCreate a G+ Page for yourbusiness.Follow people.Make use of circles totarget your content. 43. Google+ Pro TipsParticipate in relevantcommunities.Participate in relevantHangouts.Host your own Hangout. 44. Goodreads 45. Whos on Goodreads?Per Day:950,000 unique visitors1.1 million visits5 million page viewsSource: Quantcast 46. Whos on Goodreads?14%22%10%16%20%Age GroupsAge 18-24Age 25-34Age 35-44Age 45-54Age 55-64Source: Quantcast 47. Whos on Goodreads?52%12%28%8%Annual Income$0-50K$50-100K$100-150K$150K+Source: Quantcast 48. Whos on Goodreads?37%22%42%EducationNo collegeCollegePost-collegeSource: Quantcast 49. Goodreads Pro TipsCreate custom shelves.Write useful reviews.Share reviews on othersocial media sites. 50. Goodreads Pro TipsRecommend books toclients & influencers.Participate in bookgroups. 51. Storify 52. Create Storify Stories UsingStorifyTwitterFacebookGoogle+YouTubeGetty ImagesInstagram+ more! 53. Tell Stories About Live events, such asconferences & Twitter chatsReactions to industry newsYour response to socialmedia posts 54. Storify Pro TipsResearch the topic,hashtags, andcommentators.Use the best structurefor the story. 55. Storify Pro TipsEdit, edit, edit!Keep the story to areasonable length. 56. Storify Pro TipsAdd context.Write goodheadlines andintroductions. 57. SlideShare 58. Whos on SlideShare?Per month:60 million unique visitors215 million pageviews3 billion slidesSource: SlideShare and 59. Source: 60. But I Dont Present!Create a slideshowthat meets youraudiences needs. 61. SlideShare Pro Tips Include a call to action.Make your links live. Link back to your site. 62. SlideShare Pro TipsUse relevant tags &hashtags.Adapt your presentation toSlideShare.Write good titles & teasers. 63. Google Likes SlideShareBoosts yourSlideShare contentand your website. 64. Further 65. Further Help 66. Pinterest 67. Whos on Pinterest?85.5 million uniquevisitors/mo.750 million boards30 billion pinsSources: eBiz and Tailwind 68. Whos on Pinterest?Men on Pinteresthave more followersWomen have morerepins 69. What to PinYour articles Materials youveworked onUseful informationFun memes 70. Pinterest Pro TipsDont pin the firstimage you see.Avoid human faces invisuals. 71. Pinterest Pro TipsDont pin the firstimage you see.Avoid human faces invisuals. 72. Pinterest Pro TipsChoose photos withred, dark green, orpink.Choose photos withorange. 73. Pinterest Pro TipsUseverticalimages. 74. Pinterest Pro TipsWrite good descriptions& titles.Use your hashtags inpin descriptions. 75. Pinterest Pro TipsCreate a board otherscan pin to.Spread out pin activity.Embed board URLs intoyour website. 76. Measure YourResults! 77. The Problem with MarketingHalf the money Ispend on advertising iswasted; the trouble is Idont know which half.John Wanamaker, 19th centurymerchant 78. MeasurementMeasure basedon your businessgoals. 79. Business GoalMore clients!Clients hirepeople they trust. 80. MeasuresAwarenessEngagementConversionRetention 81. More Data FromFacebook PagesPinterest BusinessaccountGoogle+ Pages 82. AwarenessHow awareyour audienceis of you. 83. AwarenessTrack the changein the number offollowers. 84. EngagementHow interestedyour audience isin you. 85. EngagementTrack:o Thumbs upo Comments on postso Mentions and DMs 86. Engagement GoldShares!RT: 87. ConversionHow many peoplecomplete your callto action. 88. Some ConversionsClick a link.Answer a question.Sign up for email.Download a file. 89. RetentionHow much ofyour audiencesticks with you. 90. RetentionMeasure month-to-monthchange in:o Awarenesso Engagemento Conversion 91. Become a SuperstarDefine social mediasuperstar.Organize your onlinepresence.Follow best practices. 92. Become a SuperstarExperiment with newsocial media sites.Measure your efforts andanalyze the data.Use data to improve. 93. QUESTIONS? 94. Thank You!