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History of the Horror Genre By Ryan gurney

History of the horror genre

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History of the horror genre

History of the Horror GenreBy Ryan gurney


Since before the Horror Genre there has always been stories of the supernatural going back to the times of the Greek myths to do with Medusa , Cyclops, the Minotaur and the Hydra., mama and insidious.

The first horror storiesThe very first horror story was published in the year of 1764 by Horace Walpole, the story was called The Castle of Otranto. This stared the Horror Genre in books. Other gothic stories include The Monk, The Rime of The Ancient Mariner and The Erlking.

Famous horror books and films

Some of the most famous and favourite stories include Frankenstein, Dracula , Tales of the Grotesque, Arabesque and the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Some more famous horror movies include the Exorcist, The Shining, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Mama and Insidious.

Action HorrorAction Horror is a sub genre that shows the gore and the evil from horror with the guns and violence from the Action Genre. Film examples include The Purge, Blade and Dracula Untold.

Body HorrorBody Horror is a sub genre that shows gore and blood with the cutting of body parts to show fear and dread. Film examples include Cabin Fever, Saw and Invasion.

Comedy Horror Comedy Horror is a sub genre which makes horror movies look silly and makes the audience laugh and make them scared. Film examples include Zombieland, Scary Movie and The Gremlins.

Gothic horrorGothic horror is a sub genre which involves darkness monsters and death. This is to scare you and also to get you in a state of fear and suspense. Film examples include Dracula, Frankenstein and the mummy.

Psychological HorrorPsychological Horror is a sub genre which depends on a person fears, belief and the super natural whilst adding horror. Film examples include The shining, Black Swan and The Ring.

Science Fiction HorrorScience Fiction Horror is a sub genre which depends on mad scientists, aliens and evil experiments gone wrong which still has blood and death from horror. Film examples include Alien, Predator and The Mist.

Slasher MovieSlasher Movies is a sub genre which involves lots of violence, serial killers and specific weapons to kill the victim. This contains blood and terror which is part of the horror genre. Film examples include Scream, Texas Chainsaw and Prom Night .

Zombie FilmZombie Films includes rotting corpses, arms ripped out of the body and lots of blood. Film examples include 28 Days Later, Resident Evil and Dawn of The Dead.