Four Great Ways to Engage Customers Online

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The presentations shows how you can retain customers and engage customers online through four easy ways.


  • 1. Four Great Ways to Engage Customers Online NextBee Media
  • 2. Why Engage Customers To Intensify Brand Value To Increase Customer Lifetime Value To Gain New Customer To Retain Customers
  • 3. Retain to Engage The Depth of your relationship with your Customers decides if you will be able to Retain them offer Customer Retention Deep relationships
  • 4. Four Good Ways of Engaging Your Customers Keep your customers hooked to your business with the following four steps
  • 5. Encourage Sharing of Personal Opinion1 Organize a Testimonial Contest Drives Engagement Creates Your Brands Image Invites Valuable Feedback Display Testimonials Publicly What it Does
  • 6. Be Present on Multiple Social Platforms2 Accept challenges Be open to enter a new social platform Find new customers active on different social platforms Gain a bigger share than your competitors Encourage them to follow more 3 2 1
  • 7. Social Engagement to Control Program Growth 3 Trigger specific response on social media Track preferences of your customers Use Analytics based on their preferences to ensure engagement on specific activities to engage further Celebrate Events Offer Incentives
  • 8. bullet Create Excitement Present activities that seek customers opinions Initiate a series of activities Ask Close-ended Questions Get Quick Response without having them to think much Gather opinion through PollsAsk Questions Encourage to Like or Share to see the result of their activity Offer a Reward for participation 4
  • 9. THANK YOU! NextBee Media