Digitally disrupted to disruptors: youth's role using digital media

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Presented to youth participants during the (CYLS 2014) Cebuano Young Leaders Summit by AYLA Bai at brgy Taptap CREMDEC, Cebu City, Philippines

Text of Digitally disrupted to disruptors: youth's role using digital media

  • 1. 3rd Cebuano Young Leaders Summit Vernon Joseph Go PMO Associate | Industrial Engineer | Blogger | Dream Seeker | Brilliantly Awkward | Lurker Tweets at @VernonGo Blogs via From Digitally Disrupted to Digital Disruptors The Role of Digital Media in Changing the Game The Game Changers: Rebranding the Modern Cebuano Youth Ayala Young Leaders Alliance of Cebu
  • 2. What is Social [Digital] Media? Amplification Tool It amplifies whats already there!
  • 3. Social Media Overview
  • 4. But first, lets consume some Boring statistics and trends before some AWESOME examples, yeah?
  • 5. Examples? Inspiration! Benchmark. ..of Changing the Game?
  • 6. A Picture is worth a thousand words?
  • 7. uplift your life is an occasion, rise to it. -Suzanne Weyn
  • 8. BUILD (something, anything)
  • 9. Immerse yourself. (community, issues) Ideas comes from everything, & good ideas always attracts other good ideas
  • 10. Be aware of your surroundings, act on feedback, encourage discussion, be a part of it AWARENESS
  • 11. xoxo You cant wait for inspiration. Go find it. Jack London
  • 12. Reach out. (to at least one person today; everything, everybody) Face reality as it is, not as you wish it to be. Jack Welch
  • 13. Collaborate. (bayanihan)
  • 14. Learn to Appreciate and Share
  • 15. E-governance
  • 16. Disaster/Crisis Response
  • 17. Making Social Work a bit Cool
  • 18. Local Facebook Stories
  • 19. a Happy Ending
  • 20. Individuals converging to groups
  • 21. Other popular mediums Blogs Instagram Pinterest
  • 22. Online Thought Leadership
  • 23. E-Learning
  • 24. E-Business
  • 25. Anti-depressant
  • 26. Why are people mean/vicious online? OPINIONATED DOES NOT EQUAL SMART There's nothing wrong with criticism or sharing opinions, but oftentimes the lack of limits or immediate feedback causes people to become rude and hurtful. The absence of face-to-face contact causes people forget to about manners and kindness entirely. Comments sections and social media have suddenly made everyone an opinion writer whose insights they feel must be heard by the world. #Patagad #Feelur #SeenZoned #Apathy #BeCarefulWithMy