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1. These are a series of screenshots that show theproduction of my contents page that I createdusing the program Quark.Amber Jones Eddy 2. Firstly, I set up mydocument usingQuark and includedborders to make surethat the images andtext that I wouldimport aresymmetrical.I created the titleusing Photoshop,then imported thetext on to Quark. 3. After I had importedmy title I decided toimport some imagesthat are similar to theones that I had drewon my plan. 4. I then imported themain images that Itook that relate tothe articlesincluded in thecontents page. Ipositioned themwere I thought thatthey would be inreal contents page. 5. Then, I created myheadings using Wordand imported andpositioned them wereI had drew them onmy plan. I kept themall similar colours toshow the continuityof my chosen colourscheme on both thefront cover andcontents page. 6. I lastly added in all ofmy sublines thatelaborate on thecoverlines.I placed them where itwould look like theywere framing theimages.