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1. Content and posting tips for better company updates on LinkedIn Time to speak to your audience! Last week I guided you through setting up and optimizing a LinkedIn company page and this time around I want to focus more on the content that you are going to be sharing with your audience in your company updates. Making sure that it is easy for your ideal customers to find you online is certainly helpful in generating sales leads, but keeping them engaged once they do is where the real work begins! It all comes down to creating content that really speaks to your audience and optimizing it in such a way that it prompts engagement and drives scores of visitors back to your site and landing pages so you can get more leads and, eventually, more sales for your business! How does one go about doing this exactly? Take a look at this great infographic on content and posting tips for better company updates directly from the people who know best, LinkedIn! 2. Takeaways: 1. Use catchy headlines or add your own view to a piece of content to increase engagement. 2. Involve your target audience by asking thought provoking questions that are relevant to their pain points. This helps to get a conversation started and drive engagement beyond what the original piece of content might have and also helps to position your products/services as the solution to their problems. 3. Always, and I mean always use a call to action. Calls to action such as links or images links to content help to engage the user into clicking to get to the content on your website (which should also be loaded with relevant call to actions) so you can get more visitors and more sales leads. Your content is worth nothing without a call to action directing traffic back to your website so make sure you include one always! 4. Make use of different types of rich media content to further pique your audience's interest. The saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is definitely true when it comes to rocking content on LinkedIn and other social sites. 2015 has been named as the year of social video and video content is what your company needs to spice things up! Not convinced? Here is the proof! 5. Experiment with a good mix up of different posts so you don't appear like a one trick pony. 6. Be consistent, yet flexible. Draw up an editorial calendar for posting regularly and be sure to keep your audience updated on industry/business developments as they happen. The more you contribute to your community the more interaction you will see, but don't overdo it, between 1-3 meaningful posts a day should do the trick. 7. Track your company page's analytics. This will help you to see what types of content are performing the best so you can post more of the same! In turn this will also give you an idea of what content to sponsor should you feel the need to do so. 8. Deal with your post comments as soon as possible. By replying to comments made on your posts in a timely manner you show your audience that you care and that helps to build credibility for your brand! Hope that the above infographic gave you some insight into what you need to be doing when it comes to better company updates! Let us know what you think is the most essential thing for better company updates in the comments below... Want to create stellar content for your business but don't know where to start? Click below for your FREE copy of "Better Business Blogging for Chinese Companies Masterclass" to get your content machine rolling and help 3. you increase your overseas leads and sales today! Posted by Dewet Boshoff on Wed 22 Apr, 2015 Dewet is originally from South Africa and has been living in Asia for almost 10 years. He found his calling in China, becoming a fluent Mandarin speaker whilst studying Business & Chinese at Shenzhen University, and was among the first cohort of foreign students to graduate with honours there. He is an inbound marketing scholar and social media enthusiast. Dewet delights in using his language skills to promote inbound in China and to educate the West on Chinese social media. When Dewet isn't on the job he enjoys outdoor activities, traveling to exotic locations and socialising with his friends-online and in the real world! Topics: Social Media Content Marketing linkedin