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Help your clients grow in the 21st century.


Build. Engage. Grow. Help your clients grow in the 21st century. PRESENTED BY Dave Kerpen CEO and Founder Likeable Local OUR STORY #likeablewebinar Social Media 101 #likeablewebinar 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook users 1 Facebook Fan are the fastest growing demographic on social networks 45-54 year olds Reaches 200 word of mouth recommendations 84%of global consumers believe recommendations from friends and family are the most trustworthy sources of information about products #likeablewebinar THE NEW WORD OF MOUTH #likeablewebinar The average Facebook user has a network of about 200 PEOPLE. #likeablewebinar 1 Like = 200 RECOMMENDATIONS. #likeablewebinar 100 Page Likes x 200 Connections = 20,000 PEOPLE. X #likeablewebinar THE NEW WAY TO BE FOUND #likeablewebinar WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA WILL DO. #likeablewebinar Social Media Will ALLOW YOU TO EASILY REACH NEW CLIENTS. #likeablewebinar Social Media Will HELP YOUR BUSINESS STAY TOP OF MIND. #likeablewebinar Social Media Will HELP BUILD LASTING RELATIONSHIPS WITH ALL CLIENTS. #likeablewebinar WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA WONT DO. #likeablewebinar SOCIAL MEDIA WONT BE FREE. #likeablewebinar SOCIAL MEDIA WONT BRING YOU INSTANT RESULTS. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 #likeablewebinar SOCIAL MEDIA WONT MAKE UP FOR AN UNLIKEABLE BUSINESS. #likeablewebinar HELP YOUR CLIENTS GROW IN THE 21ST CENTURY IN 3 STAGES #likeablewebinar 1. BUILD: Months 1-4 2. ENGAGE: Months 5- 8 3. GROW: Months 9-12 #likeablewebinar Stage 1: BUILD (months 1-4) Stage 1: BUILD (months 1-4) Stage 1: BUILD (months 1-4) Stage 1: BUILD (months 1-4) Page Likes Ads Email lists and zip codes Look a Like audiences Stage 1: Success Increase social media following with relevant customers & prospects by 100% #likeablewebinar Stage 2: ENGAGE (months 5-8) Stage 2: ENGAGE (months 5-8) Stage 2: ENGAGE (months 5-8) BOOST Promotions Contests Storytelling Giveaways Stage 2: Success Increase engagement on posts by 200% #likeablewebinar Stage 3: GROW (months 9-12) Stage 3: GROW (months 9-12) Stage 3: Success Increase social media referrals by 300% #likeablewebinar HOW CAN LIKEABLE HELP? #likeablewebinar OFFLINE MARKETING SUPPORT #likeablewebinar HYPER-TARGETED ADVERTISING #likeablewebinar CONTENT SCHEDULED, MANAGED, AND TURBO BOOSTED FOR YOU #likeablewebinar REFER A FRIEND MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITES #likeablewebinar LIKEABLE TRAINING AND EDUCATION Instructional Webinars 24/7 Customer Service Staff Training #likeablewebinar Increased visibility and referrals Education and training Credibility Benefits for YOU 20% commission on all revenue Featured listing on LinkedIn and to 500K followers Stay top of mind with current customers Build, engage and grow social media channels Increase word of mouth referrals GROW their business Benefits for your clients Savings: 4 months: $199/month 8 months: $179/month 12 months: $159/month 12 months upfront: $1,799 +$299 setup/ training fee Waived for consultants only #likeablewebinar START NOW! Get started with Likeable today and youll be enrolled into our affliate program and receive a FREE MONTH #likeablewebinar USE Coupon: CFM THANK YOU / GRAND PRIZE! CONTACT Dave Kerpen EMAIL TWITTER @davekerpen PHONE 212-359-4355 QUESTIONS? #likeablewebinar