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This is something I have created that I really think it might be useful for every LinkedIn Recruiter Licence holder....just a few tips that you have to have in mind!


  • 1. Your Profile is not your CVBuild your brand as an ExpertYOUR PICTURE IS IMPORTANTShow the world why you are different, what makes you special!!Post updates to show your expertise. Remember the rule 30x30x30 (30% jobs, 30% industry news, 30% HR news)Recruiters that have a picture have 40% more of response to their InMailsPut yourselves in candidates shoes, before everything you will do onRecruiter Recruiter allows you to go and hunt instead of wait and pray, even if you are just postingStrength your searches AUTOMATIONUse ALL Boolean modifiers (NOT, AND, OR, , () ) Use filters on a creative way50 INMAILSMONTH/SEATLet Recruiter work for you Put alerts on the searches you run, it will inform you when there is a new result Put an alert on the Notes, Pe: If the candidate will be interested to change job next JanuaryUse them all, easy to track, easy to collaborate with your team And if you dont have needs today, you will have it soon for sure ;)REACH THE BEST TALENT POSSIBLE, DONT LIMIT YOURSELFYOU DONT KNOW WHERE THE BEST CANDIDATE IS, TRY ALWAYS TO FIND TALENT WITH ALL THE TOOLS YOU HAVE ACCESS TOJOB SLOTSOur jobs are going to search for the ideal candidate, but we have to help! How? Choose a job title that is the same as how the candidate would call him/herselfTrack your activity=XLet the Job show itself in front of the Talent, so let it open as long as the job need to be fulfilledJOB DESCRIPTION Tell a story, tell how the candidate will impact on the organization. It is not a job board, it is a social platform!X%6 4InMails Sent2Profiles viewed0Keep doing what youre doing right Change your strategy if numbers says so!ABCD