Be a Social Media Super Hero! How to Engage, Build Relationships and Succeed Using Social Media

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#SocialSuperHeroBe A Social Media Super Hero

Presented by Lisa Peyton, February 3, 2015 | | @LisaPeyton1What well cover Part 1: Why we need super hero powers Consumer Challenges Technology Challenges Education Market ChallengesPart 2: Social Media Strategy Foundation for a Solid Strategy Research Objectives Target Audience Customer Journey KPIsPart 3: Our Batbelt - Super HeroTools


10 years experience in digital

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@LisaPeyton3What I Know About You


4Different and the Same


WIDE range of company sizes WIDE range of social media community sizes MOST targeting K-12 education admins, IT, educators, parents, students MOST selling education hardware or software MOST have marketing in their title5WHY We Need Super Hero Powers


6Fundamental Changes


@LisaPeytonIts not enough to break through the clutter,in other words. And rarely is it worth the effort required to smash through the filter. You need to disarm the filter and the best way to do that, is to signal that your signal is nonthreatening.

Frank Rose, The Art of Immersion

The days of putting some stupid message up and forcing everyone to see it thats so over.

Alex Bogusky, Creator of Burger Kings Subservient Chicken campaign

8Connected Consumers

@LisaPeytonMedia Consumers Yesterday and Today

Passive vs. ActivePredictable vs. MigratoryIsolated vs. ConnectedSilent vs. NoisyPrivate vs. Public

9Impress or Express?

@LisaPeytonImpressions have turned into EXPRESSIONS

Consumers not only watch media; they share media with one anotherExpression can be seen as an investment in the brand and not simply an exposure to it.

Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture: Where old and new media collide


Consumers Own Brands

@LisaPeytonShow of hands, please, from those who believe the recent online ads for Chevy Tahoe -- which mock the SUV as a planet-destroying gas-guzzler -- prove the dangers of allowing (even encouraging) user-created content. Ah, yes, there's quite a few arms raised -- you're all free to go, actually; the marketing business doesn't need your services anymore. We have a toy railroad set as your lovely parting gift.

Here's what you should do about user-generated content: nothing. Don't try to control the narrative. Don't kill the parts you don't like. Don't interrupt. Stand back, and learn.

Scott Donaton, Editor Advertising Age*

11Proliferation of Devices

@LisaPeyton12Proliferation of Information Too much noise

@LisaPeyton13Proliferation of Tactics

27 tactics and counting Constant content required Social Media most popular tactic among other marketers


Proliferation of Channels Hundreds of platforms and counting Marketers use an average of 6, up from 5 last year Biggest increase in Slideshare, Google+ and Instagram

@LisaPeyton15Education Market Challenges Common Core State Standards Digital curriculum Bring Your Own Device Differing Internet and social media guidelines for classrooms #learnanywhere


16What I hope to leave you with Strategic solutions Ability to foster ongoing discussion about how to best use social media Super Hero Tools Inspiration, Confidence and Support!

@LisaPeyton17FROM this


18TO this


19Part 3: Strategic Solutions

@LisaPeyton20Foundation for a Solid Strategy


Know your business (Who are you? What do you offer? Brand mission) Know your market (Who are your competitors? What are they doing? Market trends?) Know your audiences (Who are your customers?) Know what you want to achieve - goals Know how youre doing - measurement

211) Research

@LisaPeyton Customer survey Where are your peeps? Where do they want to engage with your brand? What language are they speaking? (keyword research) What are your competitors saying? What is your brands current digital footprint?

* Study: K-12 Curriculum Company

@LisaPeytonCustomer Survey Questions: Which platforms do you use on a regular basis? Where would you welcome the opportunity to connect with us? What recommendations do you have as we develop our social media presence? Insight: Our audience WAS on Pinterest and Facebook(DAMN!)

232) Objectives

@LisaPeyton What do you hope to achieve? How does this serve the overall business objective? Is it measurable and time sensitive? SOCIAL IS NOT A SALES CHANNEL Expression Engine

24Case Study: Objectives

@LisaPeytonSocial Media Marketing Objectives Increase brand awareness and thought leadership Increase online share of voice Generate new leads Identify and connect with industry influencers Grow an active online community around math education

253) Target Audience

@LisaPeyton Who are you trying to reach? Who influences your target audience? Who are you current brand advocates? Demographics Psychographics User Personas Behaviors Needs and Goals Pain Points

26Case Study: Community Outreach Report

@LisaPeyton Identify online influencers Industry bloggers Klout Score LinkedIn groups Where do they engage? Relevant hashtags What is our offer? (What value do we offer them?) Set-up listening dashboard to follow, learn and engage when appropriate

274) Consumer Decision Journey

Create consistent, user-friendly, relevant touch-points throughout journey Social media impacts the evaluate and advocate stages Need to help consumers navigate the evaluation process and spread positive word of mouth Where can you build trust? Where can you build relationship? Empower your brand hero to tell their own story = ADVOCACY*Source: Branding in the digital age, David Edelman

@LisaPeyton28Case Study: Touch-point Message Matrix


295) Measurement KPIs Key Performance Indicators How are you doing? How effective is your message? Which content is garnering EXPRESSION? EXPRESSION = shares, RTs, comments, reviews, likes, +1s, mashups, mentions Relate to overall objectives Measure weekly/monthly/Quarterly


30Case Study: KPI Worksheet Pinterest followers # weekly repins and comments Social referral website traffic Twitter followers RTs, Twitter mentions Blog traffic, comments LinkedIn followers YouTube Subscribers Video Views Website lead forms submitted Overall share of voice


Results Dramatic increase in followers Social website referral traffic doubled Thousands of video views on YouTube Increase in leads generated31Our Batbelt Tools, Tools, Tools Listening Radian6, ViralHeat, Hootsuite, Google Alerts Management/Scheduling Spreadfast, SproutSocial, Hootsuite Campaign/Contest Creation Buddy Media, AgoraPulse, Wildfire apps Content Management Wordpress, Wordpress Wordpress Social CRM Adobe Marketing Cloud,, Salesforce


32Be a Social Media Super Hero! Challenging Times Consumer changes, Tech changes and Education market changes Solid Strategy is NEEDED more than ever Foundation for a solid strategy Do your research! Define your objectives! Define your target audience! Define your customer journey! Define your KPIs Get the best tools you can afford!


33Questions? | | @LisaPeyton34