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To help you stay up to speed on social and remain at the front of the class, we created a Back-to-School Kit for Social Media Managers. Get ready to quickly master important new features and tactics for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Go back to school with Hootsuite University and get ahead with a Hootsuite certification:


1. GUIDE Back to School Kit for Social Media Managers Master new tactics for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook 2. Back to School Kit for Social Media Managers Master new tactics for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook Its fall again. If youre like us, you spent the better part of the summer at the beach and enjoyed some time away from the office. But while the summer drifted by, social media trends kept on racing ahead. To help you quickly catch up and remain at the front of the social class, we created a Back-to-School Kit. Get ready to quickly master important new features and tactics for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. About your teachers This isnt the typical advice youll find online. We asked our social media experts at Hootsuite to share their best tactics and also received guidance from our partners at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. From new lead generation trends to mobile ad formats to experiment with, youll learn cool new ways to reach customers and make sales. Inside your Back-to-School Kit Your kit includes: Cheat sheets to help you stay ahead with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook Free resources and practical tactics for each network Plan ahead with Twitters Tweet Calendar $50 advertising lunch money from Twitter Save 20% on Hootsuite University offer valid until October 15th BACK TO SCHOOL KIT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS 2 3. LinkedIn Get more B2B leads with these new features LinkedIn is exploding with growth and creating amazing new ways for B2B marketers to generate leads. Even my father (who recently wrote me an email asking HOW TO TURN HIS CAPITALS OFF) created an account and endorsed me for several skills. BACK TO SCHOOL KIT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS 3 To help you take advantage of LinkedIns massive reach, we reached out to Deanna Lazzaroni, the Global Content & Social Media Marketing Manager at LinkedIn. Heres what marketers and social media managers should master this fall. Localize for more leads Companies are seeing big wins with LinkedIns Direct Sponsored Content. You can amplify a white paper or blog post and have your content appear right in your prospects newsfeed. For even more precise segmentation, target prospects by region (such as CTOs in Mountain View) and experiment with different content formats such as articles, videos, and SlideShare decks. Pretty content gets more attention Deanna Lazzaroni asked her data team at LinkedIn to dig up some stats about which type of posts get more comments. The data suggests that images generally result in a 98% higher comment rate. Make sure you use images and add SlideShare presentations to your LinkedIn updates. Earn extra marks for long-form content Get more reach and extra traffic from your ideas by publishing long-form content right inside LinkedIns platform. Deanna Lazzaroni says that early success stories include members earning speaking gigs and job opportunities from content published on LinkedIn. Members come to LinkedIn for inspiration. When publishing content, think about how you can help the person you are trying to reach succeed. Thats the real key to engagement. Deanna Lazzaroni. Your textbooks and tools The Ultimate LinkedIn Small Business Marketing Resource LinkedIn Publishing Playbook Tool to build amazing images for your LinkedIn posts 4. Twitter More sales and extra lunch money We asked Twitters team to tell us what new features and tactics are trending this school year. Not only did they give us a stack of helpful tips but they also threw in some lunch money for you ($50 credit towards your first Twitter Ads campaign for the keeners who keep reading). Sound smart in class Heres a fresh statistic to help you impress your network and clients. According to a study by Buddy Media, Tweeting four or fewer times per day is the Tweet Spot for keeping engagement high. Tweeting more than four times sees a 17% drop in engagement. Get more Retweets and sales with Flock to Unlock Twitter has a new way to drive sales and amplify seasonal promotions. Its called Flock to Unlock. Basically, you offer followers a reward (such as 25% off online orders) and then set a Retweet goal for your followers. If your audience spreads the word and reaches the Retweet goal, they unlock your special deal. Its a fun way to watch your Retweets and sales take off. Create visual Tweets with Twitter Cards Twitter Cards help you show-off products, inspire app downloads, or drive video views. Just select a template based on your goal (selling products, engagement, driving app downloads) and Tweet your Card. Brands are seeing great engagement and report strong early results with this feature. Collect email sign-ups directly from Tweets Youve likely heard of Twitters Lead Generation Cards by now. This fall make sure that you take advantage of the fact that Twitters Lead Generation Cards integrate with most CRMs and email databases including MailChimp. This makes it easy to build email lists, collect customer RSVPs for events, and measure interest in new product releases. Spend your lunch money Earn a few extra sales with some free Twitter advertising. Heres $50 in Twitter Ads. Why not try a Flock to Unlock promotion? Your textbooks and tools How small businesses can succeed on Twitter Get more leads and sales with this new Twitter feature Steal a few winning tactics from these successful Twitter campaigns BACK TO SCHOOL KIT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS 4 5. Facebook Stay ahead with nuanced targeting According to comScore, Facebook is on three of every four smartphones. Our in-house Facebook experts identified these new features and trends that are driving business results this year. New direct response features Sell more with Shutterstock Businesses are seeing strong ROI with Facebooks You dont need a designer to source a beautiful image Custom Audiences. A new feature in Ads Manager and for your Facebook ads. Facebook has integrated Power Editor allows you to take segmentation even Shutterstocks library right into the ad creation tool. further targeting by specific website behaviors. For Shutterstocks images are commercially licensed and example, you can launch ads to customers who visited available for use in all Facebook ad formats, making it a specific product page, or target visitors who recently easy to create a beautiful ad in a few minutes. browsed specific products such as belts and shoes. Better mobile measurement and ROI tracking You can now track how people move between devices Your textbooks (such as seeing a mobile ad and then purchasing and tools later from their desktop) before they convert. Mobile advertising is also getting much more sophisticated, letting you target by mobile network type. This prevents you wasting budget by serving video to users with slow devices and networks. Master Facebook Custom Audiences New tools to promote Facebook Events Research study: what makes people buy from Facebook ads? BACK TO SCHOOL KIT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS 5 6. BACK TO SCHOOL KIT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS 6 Twitters Tweet Calendar Fall is a busy time. To help keep your social schedule straight, Twitters team created a useful Tweet Calendar. Dont miss important eventslike Small Business Saturday on November 29thand keep the Tweets flowing with helpful content ideas. September Tweets September 1st Labor Day - Ask followers how they are spending their last days of the summer. September 8th Finals of the US Open (Tennis) Follow the conversations on Twitter and ask followers who they want to win. September 9th New TV show premiering tonight? Tweet along to engage with your followers around popular topics. September 12th Reply to a few mentions from followers or thank customers for supporting your business. September 15th Have new inventory? Take a photo or video and share it with followers along with a special offer. September 17th Show your expertise by providing a helpful tip. September 19th Schedule your Tweets for the weekend log into to get started. September 23rd First day of autumn Tweet about your new inventory or business plans for the season. September 25th Share a fun fact such as the type of music you play in your store or while youre working. September 27th Promoting a new piece of artwork or music? Create a launch event and invite your followers to come. September 29th Use a Lead Generation Card to capture sign ups for your newsletter. October Tweets October 2nd #TBT Tweet a photo of something or someone who inspired you to start your business. October 7th Share a recipe from your restaurant or a tip on how to use a featured product or service in a new way. October 10th Columbus Day is only a few days away. Tweet hints about a special offer that entices followers to check back in with your business. October 13th Columbus Day Announce your special offer to get followers excited about visiting your store or website. Thanksgiving (Canada) Tweet what your business is thankful for and encourage followers to share their thoughts. October 15th Share a motivational quote that aligns with your business values. October 16th National Bosss Day Ask followers to share why they have the best boss in the office. October 24th Give a shout out to a thought leader in your industry. October 26th Look back at the content developed by your business this month and tweet out your favorite insight or tip. October 30th #TBT - Share a photo of your team or family dressed up for last years Halloween. October 31st Tweet a photo of your team all dressed up for Halloween then ask followers to vote for their favorite costume. 7. BACK TO SCHOOL KIT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS 7 November Tweets November 1st Remind followers to adjust their clocks before they go to sleep tonight. November 4th Election Day Encourage your followers to vote while offering a special promotion to reward them. November 6th Tweet a video of your employees decorating the office for the holidays. November 11th Veterans Day Take a moment to thank those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Remembrance Day (Canada and Commonwealth Nations) Tweet to remember those who died in wars. Note, Canada and Commonwealth Nations specifically honor those who died in action on November 11th (similar to Memorial Day in the U.S.) November 12th Curate a list of seasonal tips and Tweet them out throughout the day. November 17th Ask followers which holiday products they want to see more of this season. November 20th Countdown to your Black Friday promotions with a sneak peek. November 24th Highlight your employee of the month and share why your employees are the best. November 27th Thanksgiving - Tweet about what your business is thankful for and share a festive photo. November 28th Black Friday Stand out by sharing hourly offers to entice followers to purchase. November 29th Small Business Saturday Share how your business and community are rallying customers to support #smallbiz. December Tweets December 1st Cyber Monday Get customers to purchase now by hosting a Flock to Unlock offer that expires at midnight. December 3rd Tweet out a holiday card to your followers. December 6th Entice shoppers to take a break from the mall with a discount on your professional service e.g. spa treatment, consultation, etc. December 9th Post a photo of your office holiday party or gift exchange. December 11th Share a quote and photo from your favorite holiday movie and ask followers to share theirs. December 15th Retweet a positive customer review or testimonial. December 16th First night of Hanukkah - Tweet out gift ideas for each night. December 21st Start of winter - Provide followers with tips for dealing with the cold weather. December 24th Christmas Eve Ask followers which family and friends they are most excited to see this holiday season. December 25th Christmas Share your favorite holiday carol and send well wishes to your followers. December 31st New Years Eve Give followers a preview of what your business is hoping to achieve in the new year. 8. BACK TO SCHOOL KIT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS 8 Get Hootsuite Certified Today Now that youre armed with these trends and tactics, its time to earn recognized credentials to showcase your expertise and help you get ahead. Since 2011, over 60,000 people have come to Hootsuite University for training, education, and certification. Hootsuite University allows you to advance your digital skills and strategy, while demonstrating your expertise as a social media professional. By getting Hootsuite Certified, youll earn a professional certificate and a public listing in the Hootsuite Certified Professionals Directory. Earn Hootsuites industry-recognized credential Become a social media professional through video-based courseware Gain best practices and tactics from industry-leading brands, platforms, and educators Enroll in Hootsuite University Today