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2. BeyoncOn the Friday 13th of December Beyonc secretlyreleased her fifth studio album Beyonc. The albumartwork consists of a black background with the artistsname front and centre of the cover in pale pink (afeminine colour).Although the artwork may be ordinary, the way thisalbum was released was far from ordinary. The albumwas released as soon as it was ready and was deliveredstraight to her fans. Every song on the album has its ownmusic video and all music videos were released at thesame time. Everyone thought that Beyonc was crazyreleasing the album and all the music videos at once, butit happened. This meant that fans could see the entirealbum straight away and did not have to wait. 3. UnapologeticRihannaOn Monday the 19th of November 2012, Rihanna releasedher seventh studio album Unapologetic. The albumartwork shows a nude photo of the artist, showing onlyone of her many tattoos, with graffiti styled writing,written on top of, and all over the photo in front of awhite background. The mainly white graffiti writingcontains words such as Happy, Fearless, Faith, Victoryand Fun which suggest that these are her feelings rightnow, and she is in a positive place. The title of the albumis written in white, but a black background has beenscribbled underneath to cover up the artists right breast.The title of the album Unapologetic implies that theartist is not sorry for what has happened in her life. 4. Save Rock and RollFall Out BoyOn Friday the 12th of April, Fall Out Boy released theirfifth studio album Save Rock and Roll after a four yearhiatus. On Friday the 8th of February, the band secretlyreleased My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (LightEm Up) which was part one of an eleven part series. Eachsong on the new album had its own music video and allthe music videos were linked together in a story. The finalmusic video of the series was Save Rock and Rollfeaturing Elton John which was released on Saturday the24th of May, over a year after the first part of the serieswas released.The album artwork for Save Rock and Roll features apunk and a monk. The album artwork represents theentire which is the idea of the old clashing with the new.