6 Tips for a Better LinkedIn Company Page

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  • 6 Tips For A BetterLinkedIn Company Page

    FEBRUARY 2015

    6 Tips for A Better LinkedIn Company Page -- by Tom Humbarger

  • What Do I Know About LinkedIn Company Pages

    I managed the AppleOne LinkedIn Company Page from January 2012 to June 2014, andthis page was named one of the 10 Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2013. Under mystewardship, the number of followers grew by more than 7x to over 28,000. In addition,the page was averaging 100,000 impressions per week and was on target to hit 5 millionimpressions for 2014.

    6 Tips for A Better LinkedIn Company Page -- by Tom Humbarger

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  • 1. Post Regular Status Updates

    The more content you post on your CompanyPage, the more you will keep your company'sname in front of your followers and in theLinkedIn Newsfeed. My best practicesuggestion is to post status updates on adaily basis which means you will need fivegreat posts each week to drive awareness,engagement and traffic. Once you get in thehabit of posting regularly, your audience willcome to rely on your ability to engage,educate and entertain them.

    6 Tips for A Better LinkedIn Company Page -- by Tom Humbarger

  • 2. Post Interesting Content

    It is important to post interesting content thatfollowers will find useful for their every dayjob or career, or that educates or entertainsthem in some way. You do not want everymessage on your Company Page toadvertise your products or services becausethat would only serve to annoy or turn offyour followers. For instance, out of fiveweekly Company Page posts, only one ortwo of the posts would be a link back to thecompany blog or website. For the rest of theCompany Page content, I use Feedly's RSSfeeder to keep track of more than 75 differentblog and news feeds. I scanned theheadlines on a daily basis, and select the top12 articles to post on two different Twitteraccounts. From this subset, I select the bestarticles to share on the LinkedIn CompanyPage.

    6 Tips for A Better LinkedIn Company Page -- by Tom Humbarger



  • 3. Write a Catchy Headline or Intro

    Readers are bombarded by countlessmessages every day so your posts need toquickly grab the reader's attention from amongall of the content they are seeing on all of theirsocial networks or information sources. Ask athought-provoking question, tease the readerswith a snappy tidbit or give them some reasonto want to read the post. Don't forget to includea shortened URL at the end of your headline tolink to your content (my favorite is Hootsuite'sow.ly URL shortener, and there are severalother options to chose from as well).

    6 Tips for A Better LinkedIn Company Page -- by Tom Humbarger

    "The headline isthe most importantpart of any writing"

  • 4. Upload Your Own Image

    By default, if you paste a URL into astatus update, LinkedIn will suggest aclickable postage stamp-sized photofrom an image at that page.Alternatively, I have found that it isfar better to upload my own imagewhich usually with the content's titlesuperimposed over the picture.Sometimes I use an image from theactual article or other times, I createmy own using Canva. An uploadedimage will be about 350x210 pixelscompared to the standard 180x110pixels which is a difference of nearly4x. In an experiment I conducted thisyear, we were able to gain 87% moreImpressions, 132% more Clicks and39% more Interactions on identicalposts.

    6 Tips for A Better LinkedIn Company Page -- by Tom Humbarger

    People Like Bigger Images

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  • 5. Empower Your Employees

    Most companies are still struggling withempowering their employees to engage regularlywith their LinkedIn company page. At AppleOne,we had over 1,500 employees on LinkedIn, but onlya small percentage were engaging with ourcontent. We averaged 41 interactions on our statusupdates during the first 6 months of 2014 whichwould be less than 3% engagement per postassuming all of the interactions are fromemployees. Companies need to do a better job ofexplaining to employees that they are an essentialpart of the marketing team and highlight howcritical their participation is to the overall companysuccess. Training employees to Follow theircompany page, and regularly Like and Sharecontent will greatly boost interactions andengagement.

    6 Tips for A Better LinkedIn Company Page -- by Tom Humbarger



  • 6. Monitor & Analyze Your Statistics

    It is always important to monitor your resultsto see what is working and what is notworking, and then adjust accordingly. TheAdmin Analytics page for Company Pagesprovides a lot of great information.Generally, I would check the Analyticsseveral times per day and I kept verydetailed weekly trend data. From January toJune 2014, I know that the AppleOne postsaveraged more than 19,000 Impressions,192 Clicks and 41 Interactions each. I alsodetermined that the best engagementoccurred from Tuesday to Thursday, so Ialways posted what I thought was the mostpowerful content on those days.

    6 Tips for A Better LinkedIn Company Page -- by Tom Humbarger

    Follow the Numbers

  • About Me

    I am Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist experienced in both B2B and B2Carenas, and have proven expertise in multiple industries. My many achievements include:creating social media and digital marketing strategies, managing social media propertieson a daily basis, curating content and writing blog posts, developing training materials andinstructing associates on best practices, engaging with customers and prospects, andevangelizing stakeholders and customers.

    I have been fortunate to be involved in Social Media since the beginning of the socialmedia revolution in 2006, and I was the 82,754th person to join LinkedIn in December2003.

    Contact me by email via tom@humbarger.com or check out my blog or LinkedIn Profile formore information on how I can help your company achieve your social media goals andobjectives.

    6 Tips for A Better LinkedIn Company Page -- by Tom Humbarger

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