5 Ways to Engage Your Followers

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How toto engage your audience


How to get your followers fromto

Why engage with your followers?

Engagement is the new black - All this effort into getting likes shifted to engaging with people. Are they Quality followers?Shows you care - you are passionate about your product and you care your clientsPost engagement rate on Facebook is 75% within the 1st 5 hoursTweets with images get 150% more retweets

5 ways to engage with followers

1Listen & observe Google AlertsSocial MentionTalkwalkerBrand24Facebook Page insights and Twitter Analytics

21% of consumers say they unfollow brands that post repetitive or boring content.

19% say they would unfollow a brand on Facebook if the brand posted too often. Source: Social TimesTake note that......your best influencers may be your own employees.

50% of employees share about their company on social media (without any prompting). Source: iMedia Connection

Mix in related posts

2Use the 80/20 rule

Self-promotionCheck out

Share useful content


What are related posts?In the your industry (i.e. health and wellness)Use How To tips...Share recipesWrite member or staff profilesShare News

Take note that...

For every 4related postsShare 1Promotional post4:1 ratio

Answer questions



If you dont know the answer say Im check on that and get back to you ASAP

Responding to negative comments:Respond quicklyDont delete (or hide) Dont feed the trolls

Source: Salesforce Marketing CloudTake note that...

If youre in a pickle

With an emotional angle


Share stories

Share visual quotes


or mix images with text


12354Listen & observe Use the 80/20 ruleAnswer questions Share storiesShare visual quotes

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