10 Ways To Engage on LinkedIn

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  1. 1. Join Groups Select and contribute to brand owned and third-party content, just be sure to like posts that you think are valuable and relevant. Link to Inuencers Experts in a variety of elds are featured on LinkedIn Today Inuencer posts, so share appropriately to cultivate new and interesting conversations. Complete Your Prole Take advantage of your full prole to show off what you've done, but keep it professional and don't go overboard on content to just ll up space. Check out 'Manager's Choice' Highlighted at the top right of each groupfor content, these are often popular subjects and areas of heated discussion. Utilize Home Page Advantage Share updates from your brands home page so that they appear in the newsfeeds of all your network connections. Dont Bury the Lead Optimize your headline with industry terminology so your brand stays relevant and more searchable. Recruit Early & Often If you manage your company's page, post job openings and encourage employees to share openings so job seekers are easily able to nd the position. Note Your News Post company updates including high prole hirings, funding and community service activities to keep your brand followers updated and interested. Recognize it as a Resource Avoid content that is too self-serving to keep your company page as a viable resource for employees and interested connections. Educate and Entertain Use sharing tools like SlideShare to publicize your business or release research, data and infographics. 01 02 03 04 05 TIP SHEET 10 Ways to Engage on LinkedIn 06 07 08 09 10 Check out these often under-utilized but extremely inuential features to better your brand's LinkedIn prole and presence. Learn more or sign up for a FREE 30-day trial: sproutsocial.com 1.866.878.3231 sales@sproutsocial.com