10 Ways to Engage on Google+

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Use these 10 tips to learn how to use Google Plus and improve engagement with your audience. Gear up your brands Google Plus page with these noteworthy features and tactics that generate more meaningful social connections.


  • 1. TIP SHEET10 Ways to Engage on Google+ Gear up your brand's Google+ page with these noteworty features and tactics that generate more meaningful social connections.010602 03Visually Merchandize04Fix Your Fonts05Hold HangoutsUse the share button to share others posts and articles, +1 great content, and comment where you can add valueit will boost your brand awareness.Google+ is a highly visual platform, so include photos and videos to make your prole appealing and encourage interaction.Take advantage of G+s ability to bold or italicized text, it makes longer posts easier to read and highlights important points.If applicable, use Hangouts for product demonstrations or industry debates, the face-to-face time puts a personality behind your G+ prole.Learn more or sign up for a FREE 30-day trial:Give Links Some Love09Consider Hashtag Placement10Be PresentHit Up Whats Hot08Before you go crazy circling people, ll out the proper brand information on your page so people know what you do and how to contact you.Save Your Keyword Searches07Complete Your ProleParticipate within Communitiessproutsocial.comAfter searching for a keyword in Google+, click the Save this Search and easily access these results in future under the More dropdown menu item.Check out the Whats Hot feature and, if you see relevant content, chime in to illustrate knowledge, expand reach, and increase awareness.Instead of posting a simple link, include a brief description of the article youre sharing to get people more interested.Unlike Twitter, where hashtags often sit in the middle, add G+ hashtags at the end of posts to increase reach through hashtag searches.Find and engage in industry-related communities, it is a great way to meet new people, learn, share, and expand your brands reach.1.866.878.3231sales@sproutsocial.com