10 digital trends for 2015

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  • 10 Digital Trends for 2015

  • HELLO!

    I am Stephan OrgiazziI am a student in Marketing and Advertising.

    You can find me at:@StephanOrgiazzi

  • What is the future of Social Media?Lets get started!

  • Visual InfluencersIn 2015, brands will acknowledge the unprecedented power and massive niche audience some users have reached on Social Media


  • Visual Influencers


    34 651 291 followers

    Jerome Jarre

    8 100 000 followers

    Jen Selter

    5 300 000 followers

    TV top ten regular Dancing With the Stars gets only 12 million tune-in viewers

  • Were in the midst of a visual culture shift that will undoubtedly accelerate in 2015.

    Are you ready for it?

    - Forbes

  • Mobile MarketingMobile used to be considered as a second screen, but this year more mobile-first strategies should be developed


  • SmartPhone


    TV Tablet





    Time Spent Daily On Screens

    Source: MillwardBrown

  • Mobile Marketing on Facebook

    of ad revenue are from Mobile69%

  • Sharing EconomyThe sharing economy will breed new companies designed to enable greater numbers of customers to take advantage of peer-to-peer opportunities


  • Sharing Economy


  • Sharing Economy


  • Sharing Economy

    Sharing Economy goes beyond social media:

    Money Transportation

  • Sharing Economy

    and even more

  • (More) Video ContentGiven the consumer response to original video content from brands in 2014, we're likely to see much more of this this year


  • (More) Video Content

    52%Of consumers say that watching product videos make them more confident in online purchase decisions

    43%Of people would switch to a competitor if the video quality were poor

    69%Of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video

    Source: MutliVisionDigital

  • Video will also become a dominant format in mobile display:

    (More) Video Content

  • Social CommerceThis year, Social Commerce is going to be bigger and more profitable than ever before


  • Social Commerce

    You can now view and buy a product directly within your Twitter and Facebook feed by simply clicking a Buy button that will appear alongside an image of the item thats for sale.

  • Social Commerce

    Fancy lets its users find, collect and buy all the things they fancy that have been curated by its community:

  • Privacy IssuesSocial network privacy issues result from the astronomical amounts of information these sites process, and this will be a concern this year too.


  • Privacy Issues

    Is Samsung Smart TV Spying On Its Users?

  • Privacy Issues

    Microsoft is the first to adopt new privacy standards

  • Privacy Issues

    Would you be willing to pay to get rid of ads?

  • Privacy Issues

    Facebook is still the top social network and the recent failure of Ellos ad-free social network launch tends to show privacy on social media is a misleading issue.

  • WearablesInternet 2.0 (Social Media) and Internet 3.0 (Internet Of Things) will merge to provide consumers new experiences


  • Wearables

    Apple Watch, Samsung Gear...

  • Wearables

    Fitbit, Nike, Jawbone Up...

  • Wearables

    Jinx Meme, Microsoft Hololens...

  • Real-Time ConversationRTC is a great way to engage your audience and fuel interactions across owned social channels


  • Real-Time Conversation

    Brands real-time conversations during the Super Bowl:

  • Hyper-PersonalizationThis year will bring a heightened use of hyper-personalized ads


  • Hyper-Personalization

    Netflix uses its massive data to provide its users personalized recommendations, but also to produce shows that are relevant for its consumers (House of Cards, Marco Polo)

  • Hyper-Personalization

    Apples iBeacon

  • Hyper-Personalization

    Data analytics and algorithms will permit companies to create hyper-targeted ads and allow ultra-individualized customer experience

  • Visual MarketingThe appeal of Visual Marketing will reach more brands in 2015


  • Visual Marketing

    The Taco Bell Petition

  • Visual Marketing

    The IKEA Emoticons App


    Any questions?You can find me at:@StephanOrgiazzi