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  1. 1. Mikail Grbz CEO Faruk Seluk Can CTO stayzapp
  2. 2. Founders Mikail Grbz Faruk Seluk Can -Middle East Technical University / Physics - 2 start-up experience. Cenk nverdi Fatih Tamince Advisors -Founder / Rixos Hotels -Operational Manager / Rixos The Palm Dubai - Programming Expert - Expertise in diversive web applications - Strong software development background
  3. 3. Problem&Opportunity Hotels have a large portfolio of non-room services like SPA, Restaurants, and Halls that are reservable by hotel guests, however there is not any online that platform collects hotels to provide booking of this service portfolio. No web service or mobile application which collects all hotels in one platform to provide hotel guests order&booking opportunity of in-hotel specific service portfolio.during check-in period. Today all in-hotel orders/bookings/ are performed via calling reception. No mobile/web application that collects all hotels in one platform to provide hotels opportunity to market their non- room hotel service portfolio. Hotels are unable to promote hotel portfolio either to in-hotel guests. Guests do not have an awareness of upcoming events like meal times, club events during stay unless they do not ask reception or read bilboards in certain places of hotel. C/IN HOTEL RECEPTION
  4. 4. What is stayzapp? IN-HOTEL MARKETER Stayzapp is a web platform/mobile application that runs directly in mobile devices of users to provide access to in-hotel specific service portfolio during check-in along with providing hotels to promote their service portfolio via offers&information push notifications to in-hotel guests. Stayzapp provides hotel users to search/list/compare/booking of service portfolio of registered hotels such as SPA, Restaurant and Meeting Halls.
  5. 5. 64% 17% 9% 1,25% 4% 4% Room Booking Other F&B Restaurants Room Service SPA Other Opportunity Market Size Market opportunity Global Hotel Industry has an economic size of 600B dolars in revenue. Of this economic volume, 380B is generated by room booking in which major online travel agencies are interested in while there still no systematic online platform established to cover remaining 220B. Stayzapp is the hybrid online systematic established to cover this non-room size 600 Billion
  6. 6. Current Product Closed-beta in Rixos The Palm Dubai
  7. 7. Business Model C/IN HOTEL HOTEL GUEST stayzapp distributes in-hotel service portfolio of registered hotels to end users. If those services are ordered by a guest of that hotel we charge hotel by a commission ratio. Any notification (informative, invitation, marketing, special offers) sent by hotel either to hotel guests is charged by 10 Cent per request.
  8. 8. In-Hotel Value Proposition Stayzapp encourages guest to increase their in-hotel spend, through purchases such as room service, offers, spa and restaurant bookings and other opportunities presented in hotel portfolio. The enticing visual experience invites guests to spend more and increases the revenues. Hotel service portfolio no longer need to trawl through the separate menus inside the room; guests can browse through the list in their preferred language, enticed by the stunning images and detailed descriptions of the hotel service portfolio. Searching by service, event and offer variety to decide what to order or to schedule what to do is simple. Additional information such as service details, ingredients, aromas and other characteristics are all available at the touch of a finger. Stayzapp provides hotel the opportunity of promoting hotel portfolio to the guests. Offers delivered through push notifications help hotel to develop guest-specific instant marketing strategies of services, activities and facilities; providing opportunity to increase occupancy rate for underutilized scenerios. Being a powerful reporting tool to record guests preferences; stayzapp records guests requirements and movements at all time. This allows hotel to gain better insight into what the guest is looking for and to be pro-active, recognizing that it can be updated internally in an instant, enabling sending push notifications of promotions and offers to be displayed in mobile devices to guests as and when required, with minimum effort.
  9. 9. Competition In Hotel Competition Currently there are in hotel mobile guest experience providers like Iris Valet, Intelity, Hotelmobile, Guestware. Those software companies provide hotel specific tablet guest experience solutions via tablets belong to hotel. They do not collect all hotels in one platform. User can not access hotel services if he is outside the room. They are still not widespread, most of hotels do not use them. Stayzapps differentiation from those providers is like Booking.coms differentiation with hotel website provider companies. Stayzapp collects all hotels in one platform, runs directly in personal mobile device of the guest and disables need to use different mobile applications of different hotels.
  10. 10. Marketing Plan Chain 2 Major marketing plan is to register as many hotels as possible. For this purpose Rixos hotels will be used for pilot; around each Rixos, hotels that are part of a hotel chain will be targeted in order to play a pilot hotel role for the chain they belong to. Rixos The Palm Dubai will play the major pilot role since each hotel chain has at least 1 hotel in Dubai. Using Rixos The Palm Dubai as pilot we will try to register at least 1 hotel from each hotel chain in order to set up an infrastructure to expand through that hotel chain. Rixos The Palm Dubai will play the major pilot role since each hotel chain has at least 1 hotel in Dubai. Using Rixos The Palm Dubai as pilot we will try to register at least 1 hotel from each hotel chain in order to set up an infrastructure to expand through that hotel chain.
  11. 11. Exit Strategy Public Offer around $10B Valuation in 7-10 yearsP Sale to Priceline, Sabre, Expedia or Travelocity; was sold to Priceline at 3B$ valuation, was acquired by Travelocity at $1B valuation, Wotif was acquired by Expedia at $703M valuation. S
  12. 12. Example Investment Histories of Successfull Start-ups Seed Series-A Series-B Series-C Series-D 200K$ 1.25M + 11M$ Aug 8, 2009 Oct 10, 2010 + Feb 2, 2011 32M$ Dec 12, 2011 258M$ Aug 23, 2013 1.2B$ Jun 6, 2014. 20K $+ 600K$ 7.2M$ Jan 1, 2009 + April 1, 2009 Nov 10, 2010 112M$ Jul 25, 2011 100M$ Sep 27, 2013 475M$ Apr 16, 2014. 300K + 1.2M$ 6M$ Jun 1, 2009 + Aug 23, 2010 Sep 21, 2011 15M$ Jan 30, 2013 60M$ May 23, 2013 250M$ Apr 2, 2014. How airbnb started?
  13. 13. Invest in us to become; The leading global mobile platform that runs in every hotel in world to connect hotels to their in-hotel guests in real- time . The leading online marketing/ordering platform for non- room services of global hotel industry. One of the fastest growing start-ups in world which has potential to reach 10B$ company valuation barrier in 7 years. Thank You.