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2. 2003I was in high school201310 years later, after failing at my second startup 3. InconvenienceThe Problem We Are SolvingThe reason most people give up selling their used goods is inconvenienceTrustTrust is not guaranteed in a normal P2P saleSuboptimal PriceAsymmetric information and lack of market data means seller does not get highest price 4. SellerBuyerA new kind of commerce platform which sells your used goods for you.Re-commerce = Re-Sale E-commerceManages entire processThe Solution: Re-commerce 5. Sell it! is the easiest and the fastest way to sell used consumer electronics.Selling used goods is an inconvenient and complicated processSell it! intends to disrupt this process through information technology and through innovating the retail and distribution systemThe Solution: Re-commerce 6. [VIDEO]Service Introduction 7. Choose the category of item you wish to sellSelect the modelCheck the condition of the itemUser Experience: Selling 8. Sell it! proposes a price for the item (excluding shipping and handling fee)Money is transferred to the users specified accountUser Experience: Selling 9. Follow what you want to buyIf you follow a particular item, you will be sent a push notification when one is available for purchaseUser Experience: Buying 10. Shipping & HandlingUser ExperienceWe send you a shipping box and reservation code just put your item in the box, and off it goes!Direct Deposit to Your AccountWe quickly deposit the sales amount into the account you specify, through direct deposit!We Guarantee the SaleWe guarantee the sale. If your item does not sell to another buyer within 2 weeks, we buy it! 11. Sell it! earns a 10% commission on each product sale.$20Average Commission Average sales price of $200 (smartphone, tablet, laptop)$36,000Monthly Sales (July) 37% month-over-month growthBusiness Model 12. LOW User ExperienceHIGH User ExperienceHIGH TrustLOW TrustPositioning 13. China and Southeast Asia are the largest markets for smart device sales2013 Smart Phone Unit Sales400M110M32MSource: Strategy AnalyticsArbitrage Strategy 14. Price of used Korea-made smart devices in China and Southeast Asia is on average 225% higher than in Korea316%186%171%Price Comparison by Country190,00060,000560,000300,0001,200,000700,000Galaxy S2Galaxy Note 10.1Samsung Series 9Opportunity to sell Korean devices in China/Southeast AsiaArbitrage StrategySource: Choongo Nara,, CraigslistKoreaChinaSE Asia 15. 1. Web Crawling by Country2. Price Databaseproduct_idtimecountryProduct_namePrice12014.1.14. 14:23SGGalaxy S3170,00022014.1.12.12:22CNGalaxy S4240,00032014.1.11.19:24CNGalaxy Note185,0003. Price Modeling4. Derive Export Price5. Forecast Future PricesWeb crawling in China, Singapore, etc. /, Craigslist.sgCrawling data : Date, Country, Model, PriceShipping, handling, FX rate, tariffs used to calculate optimal sales priceProfit maximization through smart pricing engineArbitrage Strategy: Smart Pricing Engine 16. HQHong KongSingaporeSingapore and HongKong will act as a base for expansion throughout AsiaNo. 1 Re-commerce platform of AsiaArbitrage Strategy 17. YearDateMilestone2013Aug 31Launched android AppSept 31st Product registeredSept 11Launched iOS AppOct 1Over 100 products registered2014Jan 11Selected as Google Play Recommended AppFeb 10Over 1,700 products registeredFeb 17Established Sell it Inc.Feb 20Received seed funding from TheVentures CoJuly 30Monthly sales over $36,000Milestones 18. 05,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,00035,00040,0002013.92013.102013.112013.122014.12014.22014.32014.42014.52014.62014.7Average monthly growth rate of sales is 37% as of June, 2014Registered goodsSalesMilestonesUSD 19. YearDateMilestone2014DecReady for service in SingaporeMobile/Web ServiceLogistics, Partnership, Tax, etc.2015FebEstablish Corporation in SingaporeMarBegin MarketingAprBeta TestJunLaunch Version 1.0Overseas Expansion Plan 20. 1.Partnership for co-work and developing Southeast Asia Re-commerce MarketSales PlatformPayment PlatformLogistics CompanyOverseas Expansion Plan: Next Steps2.Investment (Series A Round) 21. Deahyun KimOperating used goods Naver community, 8 yearsE-commerce CEO, 1 yearChulwoo Kim, CPO & DesignerStart-up Product manager, 2 yearsJihoon Jeon, iOS EngineerCo-founderProgramming, 8 yearsSmilegate Inc. , 3 yearsHoon Kang, Web & Server EngineerProgramming, 10 yearsViki Web front & server programmingJungdae Kim, Android EngineerCo-founderProgramming, 8 yearsLotto Inc, Easyworks Universe IncChangseong HoCo-founder of TheVentures and VingleCo-founder of Viki (Acquired by Rakuten , 2013)Jiwon MoonCo-founder of The Ventures and VingleFounder of Viki (Acquired by Rakuten , 2013)TeamInvestment AdvisorsOur TeamAnd join confirmedData MarketerGlobal Manager from Singapore biggest e-commerce company 22. We are the best experience for selling used consumer electronicsVision 23. THANK YOU.Daehyun Chris Kim / CEO & Co-founder M. 010-9969-7184 E. F.