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Online Personal Branding


A few facts

70% of companies rejected job seekers based on the applicants online reputationbut only 7% of Americans believed that their online presence affected the job search.

The average American executes on 1 Google search every day.

The internet is a historical log that remembers everything you say and do online.

Do you know what youronline presence looks like?

We have no storefront. So, in many ways, you are the storefront! A large percentage of people who you do a consultation with will Google you! You want to be ahead of the game in terms of what they see. We are a very personal business involving peoples homes and their children. It is important to appear to be that person who isPersonal Branding & Tutor Doctor

Whos Brand MattersFranchisees Education Consultants Tutors

GoalsFranchiseesstrong brand aligned with our company values and identity. Education Consultantsa brand that creates a comfort level for an in-home consultation. Tutorsa brand that is not damaging or embarrassing if someone does a Google search.

Franchisee Branding Paradigm

AUTHENTIC (5 points)WELL-ROUNDED (5 points)UNIQUE (5 points)APPROPRIATE (5 points)

Authentic (5 points) As Steve Jobs said, Dont waste your time living someone elses life. You want your online profile to be a representation of who you really are. But just as you would put your best foot forward in a job interview, a pitch or a first date, you want to put your best foot forward online.Well-rounded (5 points) It is important to be authentic. You want to be a three-dimensional person online, as in real life. Dont just focus on one part of your personality, but show the depth of your personality as much as possible.Unique (5 points) Just like corporate brands, you want your personal brand to stand out from the crowd. The best way for you to stand out is to emphasize your uniqueness.Appropriate (5 points) Of course, you want the content to create an acceptable first impressionand not be embarrassing or off-putting. You want to make sure that your profile appeals to as many people as possible7

Our ProcessSee Where You StandChange Behaviour Starting Today!Create a Profile that is YOU Create Content

1. See Where You StandDo a Google search for yourself. If your name alone does not bring up results, try adding your city name or school name if applicable.With that on your screen, you can now do a self-assessment based on the personal branding model: Authentic Well-Rounded Unique Appropriate

2. Change Behavior Starting Today!After you have rated yourself in each of the categories, you can multiply that number by 5 and get a percent rating.Similar to a grade, you can look at you rating in the following way: 80100% This means that you have a strong online brandwell done!7079% You have a pretty good presence, but there are some additional steps to take.6069%Under 60% You should consider some of the tips below to help you build a personal brand that suits you.

3. Categories of ContentNo Contentthe vast majority of people fall under this categoryA partial profile that either hurts or helps your reputationA mix of good and badA complete profile that you are pleased with

4. Create a Profile that is YouMake a list of your personal brand goals and what things you can do to achieve them. Look at your list and see if you think that any goal cancels out the other one.Do you aspire to a career where you have to be serious and staid but want to be a funny person with your friends?

Importance of Standing OutBranding is an important part of business, and a brand alone can be worth billions of dollars.

Thetop brand in 2012 according to Interbrand, considered the worlds top branding agency, is Coca-Cola, reportedly worth over 77 billion dollars.

Michelle Morris (mm) - Reword thisWhat is the Audience?How old are they and are they men or women?Certain jokes do not span age ranges and the gender divide very well. Also, political or religious views that may be polarizing may not translate well.How do they relate to your personal goals?What content would they see as favourable and what would they not?

What is the Audience?Create 13 basic profiles of the person looking at your brand in terms of demographics, interests etc.Take a look at your current brand and see if there is anything that you need to modify.Jot down some ideas on things you can add to make your personal brand more appealing to your audience.


Use the Social Media Persona Template to help you!

You can find this at the back of the Social Media Guide.


What makes you different?Some questions to ask yourselfWhat do you do better than anyone else?What are your values?What do people frequently compliment you on or praise you for?What is it that your teacher, manager, colleagues, friends, and clients come to you for?How do you do what you do? What makes the way you achieve results interesting or unique?What energizes you? What are your true passions?What do you aspire to in life? What is your personal vision?

Create a Personal StatementCreate a personal brand statement that aligns with your goals, is appropriate for your audience, and makes you stand out.Use the exercises 1, 2 and 3 as content for this.

Personal branding statements may not be something that you actually use publicly in your blogs or social media profiles, but they are definitely something for you to keep in mind as you build your brand. When you are making choices about what to post, you can remember your branding statement.

Create a Content PlanCreate a content plan for your brand by selecting WHERE (23 places), HOW OFTEN, and WHAT you plan to post. Examples: Facebook LinkedInYouTube Twitter InstagramGoogle+


#TopTip: Use My Social Calendar in the Social Media Guide to help you.You can find this at the back of the guide

Franchisee Branding Paradigm

AUTHENTIC (5 points)WELL-ROUNDED (5 points)UNIQUE (5 points)APPROPRIATE (5 points)

Best PracticesPut your biography on your websiteHave a detailed LinkedIn profile A personal website with your name as a domain never hurts

Facebook Privacy SettingsFacebook Business Pages is part of our Social Media best practices. Your clients and tutors may want to be your friend on a personal basis as well. Options include: Accepting their request, and putting them on an Acquaintance list. Create a second profile (against Facebook T&C but a common practice).Encouraging them to like your Facebook business page


Facebook Acquaintance List1. Click on Friends.2. Click on a friend that you are not as close to and click on Add to a List.3. Add them to a list called Acquaintancesyou can then restrict the type of content that they see.4. Click on Privacy, then Who Can See My Stuff.5. Make the default for future posts Friends Except Acquaintances.6. Then you can remember to only display your updates to that list, and if you have an update that is less personal, you can post it to all friends.7. Go to your Photo Albums.8. Click on privacy settings for each one, and for more personal albums, make the audience Friends Except Acquaintances. Facebook usually defaults profile photos to be public. If you have more personal ones, you have to go through each one and tag it appropriately. Personally, I keep one or two as public in case someone I know is looking for me.9. To make profile photos more private, click on Edit; then you can see the Audience Selector tool there.10. Even though this does not 100% guarantee that everything that you want to be private remains private, this is a definite step in the right direction.

Should we make a PDF of this with screenshots?24

Managing EC Personal BrandsGoogle your EC and look at the resultsExplain that we do in-home consultations, and that we want to make sure that our personal brand as an organization fits wellTalk to the 1:1 about negative or inflammatory content.

Personal Branding GuideMy Personal Branding E-Book, Look at Me Now is free for all Tutor Doctor franchisees!This includes all exercises

FinallyWe will be sending out a recording of this webinar, my e-book and FAQs from the webinar next week.