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How to get media attention for your startup

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How to get media attention for your startup. Do's and don'ts of getting media for your company. How to pitch, build a good story and how to create long lasting relationships with journalists.

Text of How to get media attention for your startup

  • GOT MEDIA? How to get startup media attention Voigtlnder. What else? / David Sonnweber Alex Barrera (@abarrera) #SouthSummit @Spain_StartUp
  • Too much noise Phone Home / Scotty Perkins
  • Be Different Cat eyes - II (heterochromia) / Abhijit Naikdesai
  • Dont wait until product launch
  • Make noise from day 1 + / Sasha Leahovcenco
  • Dont bullshit me Holidays are coming / Rangizzz
  • Understand your enemy
  • Create media relationships Night smiles / Pierre Bodilis
  • In da club / Philip Claeys Photography
  • Know what we write about A world that used to be / Caras Ionut
  • No time, so dont push me bro Ice cave / Brynjar
  • Understand editorial guidelines Eggravator/ Vinni (yvind) Vigdal
  • Product details arent story
  • Being born isnt news Litle girl / Tetyana Moshchenko
  • Give me a STORY WallE - Whose is this pencil? / MindPrint
  • Its not about YOU Danbo, WallE & Heroes - Want to hear my story? / MindPrint
  • What is a story? Steve Jobs / Ryan Katsanes
  • DONTs Danger! / Adam Stevens Follow
  • Dont make me research you Young Sherlock / Maria Gray
  • Dont send me a gigantic email The Heaviness of Memories / Amelia Fletcher
  • Why should I care? Traintrip / Adrian Sommeling
  • Its not about product features! Unlimited playground / Tristan Shu
  • Dont give deadlines deadline / Kostis Sohoritis
  • Respect the embargos / Kostis Sohoritis
  • Q & A Alex Barrera (@abarrera) [email protected] / [email protected]#SouthSummit @Spain_ StartUp