How the cloud is changing the way we work?

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  • How the Cloud is changing the way we workThe cloud is transforming our work environment. The contemporary office is no longer defined exclusively as a physical space where we work 9 to 5. Cloud technologies help us clock in, collaborate and contribute from anywhere.

  • PRE-Cloud Office:-Office in the Cloud:-Office computers were a mess of tangled cords and colossal towers.Hardware is smaller and sleekerThe cloud allows for smaller more functional devices that can be seamlessly integrated into the work environment.500 GB

  • PRE-Cloud Office:-Office in the Cloud:-- CD-RAMs collected dust on shelves and software was quickly out-of-dateSoftware lives online is constantly updated and accessible from anywhere.Software is the service and the services has never been betterPackages of multipleinstallation- The number of floppy disks needed to install Windows 95.While Cloud software services still trail packaged software sales that dynamic is shifting

  • PRE-Cloud Office:-Office in the Cloud:-All office activity orbited around a giant printer/copier comboIt required a Masters Degree to operate and a PhD to repairThe Paperless office is around the cornerThe cloud puts documents at your fingertips and lets you share instantly and collaborate in real-time. Why print a hard copy?Printer Ink costs more per milliliter (71c) Printing industry revenue is expected to decrease 2.4% in 2014

  • PRE-Cloud Office:-Office in the Cloud:-Employees worked on projects individually and met once a week to talk about progress.Collaboration has never been easierEmployees works on projects simultaneously. Communication is instant.Companies that have embraced collaborative tech are:From 2010 to 2012 adoption of file access, sync and share services increased by:- 73% more likely to report improved sales and new customer acquisitionsto become the fastest growing online file service category. Today Dropbox alone has 300 million customers.61%

  • PRE-Cloud Office:-Office in the Cloud:-Employees clocked in every morning and exited through the front door every evening.Work from home, work from anywhereEmployees still use the office as a hub also work from home, hotels, conferences, the airport,.. anywhere.Telecommuting has increased nearly 80% since 2005work from home or a remote location for a portion of their workweek.of the U.S. workforce that hold a job compatible with part-time telecommuting.25 million Americans 50%

  • PRE-Cloud Office:-Office in the Cloud:-Data was stored in dusty binders and secured on tapes, disks or drives.Data protection and storage moves from the filing cabinet to the cloud An estimated 1 Exabyte of data is currently stored on the cloud and much more is coming.With so much data in the cloud are companies taking the right steps to protect IT?93%54%52%of US SMBs back up some portion of their data to the cloud.of IT pros use some form of software-as-a service applicationof companies aren't backing up the data in their software-as-a-service applications

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