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<p>Introducing a New Product</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegIn The Next 60 Minutes....</p> <p>You Are Going To Discover The Simple Step-By-Step System for Making 1k-2k Per Month In Rental Income For A Lifetime With properties that cost $30,000 - $50,000...</p> <p>In Only 8-16 weeks...</p> <p>Without Fear, Gimmicks, Or Anxiety</p> <p>WHO THIS IS FOR...</p> <p>If you are currently struggling to figure out how to obtain a low cost rental property</p> <p>If you are frustrated not knowing what a good deal is or a good investment property is</p> <p>If you are tired of buying tools, products, and training that are not tailored to your needs</p> <p>If you want to build a SCALABLE real estate business that is automated, makes money, and let's you live a life of financial freedom</p> <p>The only properties you see costs anywhere from $200,000 - $800,000</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegIn The Next 60 Minutes...</p> <p>The simplest &amp; fastest way to make 1k-2k per month (or more)</p> <p>How to make this happen in only 8-14 weeks up front</p> <p>How To find properties for $30,000 $50,000</p> <p>How to eliminate your analysis paralysis</p> <p>Exactly how to do this without complicated spreadsheets, without generalized information that's not applicable to your unique situation, etc</p> <p>How to Analyze Properties, Neighborhoods, and Markets like a Pro</p> <p>The ONLY 5 simple things you need to have in place (which are timeless)</p> <p>My Promise To You</p> <p>How To Make 800-2k Per Month Without Fear, Gimmicks, Or Anxiety.</p> <p>There Is Nothing For Sale On This Webinar...</p> <p>But I Do Have A Special Gift For You At The End!</p> <p>AdobeStock_58583660 (1).jpegDoes This Sound Like You?</p> <p>Constantly Frustrated cause you can't figure out how to put all the pieces together?</p> <p>Your going to be doing the 9-5 forever, not spending time with your kids, family</p> <p>Constantly in fear that your 401k won't take care of you in retirement</p> <p>Can't figure out why others are more successful then you even though you work harder</p> <p>Worried you'll always be a full time employee for someone else, and never build your own business</p> <p>AdobeStock_58583660 (1).jpegDoes This Sound Like You?</p> <p>No one will give you the full picture of what you need to do</p> <p>You want to make at least $800-$2200 in passive rental income a month, per investment</p> <p>The advice you get doesn't take into account that the homes in your areas costs $200,000 $800,000!</p> <p>Every educational tool you purchased was too general, and ended up not being used</p> <p>You know you can do this.</p> <p>AdobeStock_78762706 (1).jpegDo You Feel Like There Is An Invisible Barrier In Finding Financial Freedom Through Passive Income?</p> <p>AdobeStock_78762706 (1).jpegThe more you research the more overwhelmed and confused you get</p> <p>The more you save the more you're told you have to save</p> <p>The longer you wait the more your putting your and your family's financial well being in someone elses hands</p> <p>You are losing your time, money, &amp; health instead of increasing your time and financial security</p> <p>AdobeStock_87852788 (1).jpegIs All The Researching And Agonizing Keeping You From Starting Your Real Estate Business RIGHT?</p> <p>Is Your Real Estate Business (Or Lack There Of) Giving You Everything You DON'T Want?</p> <p>AdobeStock_79061156.jpegYou're Overwhelmed</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegThese Are Symptoms Of Your REAL Problem...</p> <p>Your Problem Is NOT The Problem</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegYou Need The Right System</p> <p>Not another flipping course</p> <p>Not a get rich quick scheme, Make thousands without leaving your computer!</p> <p>Not another course, Make money by putting $100 on a tax lien!</p> <p>And NOT some seminar that will Make you thousands even though you have bad credit, no money, and zero experience!</p> <p>Not others telling you, You can't do it.</p> <p>This is real wealth, regular wealth, that has worked for 5000 years. The principals are the exact same.</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegOnce You Implement This System</p> <p>You'll be able to generate income automatically, without you lifting a finger</p> <p>You will be able to find other cash flowing rental properties with ease, never having to worry about if you know whether or not its a good deal</p> <p>You'll be able to build a REAL real estate business that is automated, scalable, simple, and takes care of you and your family for years</p> <p>AdobeStock_92997467.jpegYou will finally have the time freedom you want, and the financial freedom you need &amp; be able to build the lifestyle you know is possible.</p> <p>You will be able to do it without fear, frustration, and anxiety you are now living with.</p> <p>You will see how EASY it is to scale, and repeat this process, over and over again to provide a Real Estate Business that can provide for your family.</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegTraditional Investing Advice</p> <p>Traditional Way Buy a home in an A-Class neighborhood with good schools, and pay it off and sell it in 20-30 years and take the appreciation.</p> <p>Whats wrong with the Traditional way?</p> <p>Those neighborhoods are too expensive!</p> <p>The cash flow, if any, can be very low</p> <p>Youll be over leveraged before your second rental</p> <p>Rising interest rates, stagnant wages Appreciation is NOT guaranteed!</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegThe Sub30k Investing</p> <p>Sub30k Investing Buy a home from $30,000 - $50,000 that needs minimal work, is in a safe neighborhood, that cash flows immediately, and hand it off to a team of professionals to manage the day to day activities.</p> <p>Build a rental portfolio more affordably</p> <p>Cash flow immediately</p> <p>You can automate common business activities</p> <p>Rising interest rates and stagnant wages have no effect on your portfolio.</p> <p>AdobeStock_79322641 (1).jpegThe System</p> <p>There are only 5 things you need to know in order to build an automated, 800-2k per month cash flowing rental business in 8-14 weeks without fear, frustration, or anxiety...</p> <p>AdobeStock_87852788 (1).jpegThe Secret....</p> <p>None of These 5 Things Are Secrets. Your probably doing them now BUT not in the right way...</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegWho I Am</p> <p>I've been able to generate $3200 a month in consistent rental income with properties purchased for less than $35,000 </p> <p>I've helped investors in over 7 different overpriced markets to do this (California, New York, Denver, Washington DC, etc)</p> <p>I grew up in a poor working class neighborhood in Las Vegas, I overcame a 2006 foreclosure and was still able to find rental properties, and pay them off, within 1-3 years</p> <p>AdobeStock_87852788 (1).jpegHow I Discovered The System</p> <p>In 2009, I had been laid off twice, had purchased an extremely overpriced home in Las Vegas at the top of the market in 2006, living halfway across the country.</p> <p>AdobeStock_93636659.jpeg</p> <p>Here are The 5 Simple Steps...</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegYou Must Have The RIGHT Market</p> <p>Wrong Markets</p> <p>Overpriced Cities (New York, San Francisco, Austin, etc).</p> <p>Tenant Friendly</p> <p>Jobs Are Leaving The Area</p> <p>Cheap Properties, But in crime ridden neighborhoods</p> <p>Home needs too much in repairs for that price</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegWhy?</p> <p>Financial Payoff is very low</p> <p>Home renovation costs are WAAAY too expensive</p> <p>You'll get stuck with professional tenants</p> <p>Income generated will be much too low</p> <p>Crime will keep away quality, stable renters</p> <p>AdobeStock_92997467.jpegThe RIGHT Market:</p> <p>Highly Targeted Niche Markets That Are Full Of High Quality Homes Needing LITTLE Renovation With Little To NO Crime.</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegWhy...</p> <p>Larger inventory</p> <p>Easy To Build A Portfolio</p> <p>Not overly competitive</p> <p>High Rents</p> <p>Properties are cheap</p> <p>Safe with very low crime rates</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegWhy?</p> <p>Full of normal, hard working people who pay their bills on time, every month</p> <p>Can run for YEARS without having problems</p> <p>Affordable start to get into the real estate investing</p> <p>Relatively easy to get the funding and financing at such low costs</p> <p>Easy to launch and scale</p> <p>AdobeStock_6028407.jpegThe RIGHT Market</p> <p>There are literally THOUSANDS of the Right markets to try, and you only need 1.</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegYou Must Purchase At The RIGHT Price</p> <p>Wrong Price</p> <p>Cash Flow For Less Than $200 a Month</p> <p>Appreciation Is The Main Justification For Costs</p> <p>It Takes 25+ Years To Actually Cash Flow $800-$2200 A Month</p> <p>Takes Up Too Much Of Your Debt To Income Ratio</p> <p>Can't Handle The Carrying Costs If Homes Are Vacant For A Period</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegWhy?</p> <p>Financial Payoff Is Very Low</p> <p>Overleverage Your Total Available Assets, Limiting Future Funding Endeavors</p> <p>Little Wiggle Room To Handle Ups And Downs</p> <p>Income Generated Will Be Much Too Low</p> <p>Longer Time To Actually Recover Investment Costs</p> <p>AdobeStock_92997467.jpegThe RIGHT Price:</p> <p>A Price Where You Can EASILY Cover the Carrying Costs If Temporary Vacancies Occur, Still Get Great Tax Benefits, Where Total Time to Complete Cash Flow is 3-5 years.</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegWhy...</p> <p>Cash Flow Quickly That Grows Over Time</p> <p>Easy To Build A Large Portfolio, Quickly</p> <p>Easy To Acquire And Fund</p> <p>Won't Over leverage Yourself</p> <p>Safety And Security</p> <p>AdobeStock_6028407.jpegThe RIGHT Price</p> <p>There are literally THOUSANDS of the Right priced investments to choose from, and you only need 1.</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegYou Must Build The RIGHT Team</p> <p>Wrong Team</p> <p>Don't Come With Any Type Of References</p> <p>Doesn't Get What You're Trying To Do</p> <p>Cheap And Found On Craigslist</p> <p>Untrustworthy Or Incompetent</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegWhy?</p> <p>Risk Of Losing Money During Renovation</p> <p>Makes Your Investment Income Active</p> <p>Slow Turn around Time When Needed For Your Rental Business</p> <p>Unfamiliarity With That Particular Rental Market And Location Specific Expertise</p> <p>AdobeStock_6028407.jpegThe RIGHT Team:</p> <p>Reliable And Experienced Professionals Who Deliver On Their Contracts, Who Have Familiarity With Your Market And Needs, And Understands the Laws Governing Your Rental In That Location.</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegWhy...</p> <p>Truly Makes Your Investments Purely Passive</p> <p>Peace Of Mind</p> <p>Secure That Specific Laws And Regulations Are Being Followed With Your Investment</p> <p>Business Is Ran Reliably And By Full Time Professionals</p> <p>Fill In Any Knowledge And Expertise Gaps That You May Have</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegThe RIGHT Team</p> <p>There Are Literally 100s Of Professionals To Choose From, And You Only Need A Few Reliable Ones To Let Your Business Run On Auto-Pilot</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegYou Must Get The RIGHT Tenants</p> <p>Wrong Tenants</p> <p>Don't Earn Minimum Amounts Needed To Afford The Rents</p> <p>Doesn't Have A Track Record Of Meeting Financial Obligations</p> <p>Have Marks In The Court System</p> <p>Can't Afford The Deposit</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegWhy?</p> <p>Monthly Rental Income Becomes Unreliable</p> <p>You'll Have To Involve The Legal System More</p> <p>Possibility Of Malicious Damage To Your Property.</p> <p>More Time And Work To Successfully Maintain Your Rental</p> <p>AdobeStock_6028407.jpegThe RIGHT Tenant:</p> <p>Reliable, Long Term Tenant That Shows A History Of Employment, Meeting Financial Obligations, And Appreciation For YOUR Property.</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegWhy...</p> <p>Peace Of Mind</p> <p>Don't Have To Bother With The Legal System</p> <p>Consistent Monthly Income, Year After Year</p> <p>No Extra Time Or Effort Is Needed To Run Your Business</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegThe RIGHT Tenant</p> <p>There Is ALWAYS The Ability To Attract Quality Tenants To Your Rental And Receive Rental Income When All The Steps Are Followed.</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegKiki and Chuk's Success Story</p> <p>Mentoring this brother an sister pair, Kiki And Chuk, within 12 weeks, we were able to find a triplex in DC for $75,000 (thats ~$25,000 per unit) generating with 2 units $2200 per month. Third unit slated for service March 2016 (another $1300 in monthly income)</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegTariks Success Story</p> <p>Tarik Found a duplex property for $29,000, put in ~$14,000 in renovations, and is now generating $1710 a month in income!</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegYonelles Success Story</p> <p>Yonelle from New York Found a single family property for $45,000, and is now generating ~1130 a month in income!</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegLet's Recap</p> <p>The 5 Steps To 1k-2k A Month (And Beyond)....</p> <p>#1 The Right Market</p> <p>#2 The Right Price</p> <p>#3 The Right Team</p> <p>#4 The Right Tenant</p> <p>And.</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegMust Invest In Mentoring</p> <p>You have 2 Options To Build A Successful Real Estate Business:</p> <p>1.) Figure it all out yourself and waste a fortune in time and money</p> <p>2.) Get help from someone who's paid the price before you and who can fast track you</p> <p>AdobeStock_92997467.jpegWhat Mentoring Gives You</p> <p>ROI</p> <p>Leverage</p> <p>Accountability</p> <p>Access</p> <p>Focus</p> <p>AdobeStock_93636659.jpegEnvironment ALWAYS Wins</p> <p>AdobeStock_87852788 (1).jpegHow Much Is It Costing You To Stay Right Here...</p> <p>Lack Of Income Security</p> <p>Anxiety</p> <p>Feeling Inadequate</p> <p>Never Feeling Good Enough</p> <p>Cant give your family income security</p> <p>Wasting time putting together piece meal information that you can be spending with your family</p> <p>AdobeStock_57879825.jpeg</p> <p>You Have A Choice</p> <p>AdobeStock_79322641 (1).jpeg</p> <p>How I Can Help...</p> <p>I have set aside some time to speak to you personally and talk about how to apply this system directly to your life and business starting today.</p> <p>Cost: Free</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegWho This Is For</p> <p>You MUST be committed to building a successful real estate business.</p> <p>You must be willing to invest in a potential rental property</p> <p>You must be serious about doing it the right way (And no get rich quick from my computer schemes)</p> <p>Must be willing to invest in yourself and your business</p> <p>AdobeStock_13631071.jpegWhy I'm Doing This...</p> <p>On this call you are going to get compete clarity as to what you need to do &amp; stop doing in order to hopefully build a successful real estate business</p> <p>Then if you want me to help you, and if I think it's a good fit, I might invite you to become one of my exclusive clients.</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpegIf We Work Together....</p> <p>You will be put through the same training that Kiki And Chuck have been through.</p> <p><br>It is designed to help get you making money fast in the right market in about 8-14 weeks using maximum amounts of leverage.</p> <p>I fully expect you to be getting results FAST!</p> <p>AdobeStock_87852788 (1).jpegWhy NOW versus later?</p> <p>Inventory in great markets are tapping out!</p> <p>Seasoned Investors Are Giving This A Second Look</p> <p>These prices here in the United States are historically low and precedent setting take advantage of these opportunities.</p> <p>AdobeStock_70868404 (1).jpeg</p> <p>AFFORDABLEREALESTATEINVESTMENTS.COM/APPLY</p> <p>SPACES ARE LIMITED SO APPLY NOW!</p> <p>Click to edit Master text styles</p> <p>Second level</p> <p>Third level</p> <p>Fourth level</p> <p>Fifth level</p> <p>Click to edit Master title style</p> <p>Click to edit Master subtitle style</p> <p>Click to edit Master title style</p> <p>Click to edit Master text style...</p>