Wedding photography services in venice to capture all the memorable moments

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  1. 1. Alfonso Lorenzetto Best wedding photographer in Italy
  2. 2. Wedding photography services in Venice to capture all the memorable moments
  3. 3. Venice is one of the most romantic tourist attractions of Italy and is visited by hundreds of couples looking to tie the knot.
  4. 4. Italy is a romantic country with some breathtaking and beautiful locations to exchange wedding vows and also have a honeymoon.
  5. 5. Alfonso Lorenzetto is a thoroughly professional wedding photographer in Venice and also helps in organizing beautiful and memorable wedding in Venice.
  6. 6. Alfonso Lorenzetto is a professional and reliable wedding photographer in Italy who also has contacts to organize wedding in Italy.
  7. 7. Contact for more Information: Via Galilei Galileo, 51 31044 Montebelluna TV, Italy Phone: +39 348 8005917 E-mail Website: