The necessity of mobile applications in our lives callme4

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The necessity of Mobile Applications in our lives

The Necessity of Mobile Applications in our Lives

IntroductionTravelling through the time tunnel mobile applications have gained a lot of popularity and dependency in the past decade. This is because, the applications have given a faster and easier way to complete tasks. The interactive interfaces are so appreciated that they have already replaced the primary internet sources for mobile users.

A light weight computer generated program that is developed to run on the different mobile platforms is called a mobile application. These are designed in a user dedicated manner. There are free and paid versions available for the download on the respective platforms.Description

RequirementMore than 60 percent of the total population had their hands on mobile by 2014, out of which 50 percent use their smart phones as a primary source for internet surfing. Therefore, it becomes easier for people to connect with each other using the internet. Loading the browser page every time can be a little time taking; however, installing an application gives an instant access to the services.

Applications are more interactive, thus it is easy to engage the users via apps.Social platforms like

have made the communication easy; therefore, business people have shown there interest in promoting their products and services through these networks.

Life made easierApart from making communication easy, applications have taught us to live an organized life, for example:Planner Lets one organize a weekly or monthly plans. Keep record of the events and set reminder for birthdays and anniversaries.Clock Can be used for setting alarms and getting on time to your workplace.MusicAn ultimate source of entertainment with your favorite playlist.

Web-based applicationsOther than the native software programs, the web based applications lets one meet the daily requirements.There are popular health applications like Lifesum, Runtastic, Google Fit, which can simplify the way of healthy living on a daily basis.The news applications give a quick access to the updates so that you dont miss the happenings all around.Date applications are also in the trend to connect individuals with similar interests from around the world.

Must haveAs applications are meant to simplify the life of people there are some must have downloads to add to the mobile utilization:EvernoteA free app with pseudo-cloud storage feature to take notes and storethem.Google DriveThe most powerful cloud storage application, also called the Google hub.Callme4 Enables the user to find the right professionals from the directory of more than 40 million contacts.

Lets the user store passwords and help in auto-filling. Can also be used for generating passwords which are hard to hack.

Such applications connect the users and business people on a vast platform. The various requirements like communicating, healthcare, entertainment, household and business can so easily be met, that mobile applications do become the necessity of our lives.