Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Tips

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Get essential safety and maintenance tips for our swimming pool cleaning.

Text of Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Tips

  • 1. Swimming pool maintenanceand some safety tips

2. Pool maintenance tips 3. Basic tools required to clean your pool 4. PoolskimmerPumice stoneor tile brushPool cover 5. Vacuum headand automaticpool cleanerPool wall brushTelescopic pole 6. Skim the surface of your poolwater for floating leaves 7. Use a pumice stone or tilebrush for tiled areas 8. Empty your skimmer andpump baskets 9. Five main pool chemicals that areneeded for regular pool maintenance 10. PrimarysanitizerPool shocktreatmentAlkalinity & pHbalancingchemicalsAlgaecides 11. The Pool shock treatment breaks down contaminants & utilizethe disinfectant strength of the primary sanitizer through aprocess of super chlorination. 12. pH level of pool water needs to be monitored regularly sincechlorine only works effectively in narrow pH ranges and toomuch acid or alkaline can irritate the swimmers. 13. Algaecides are mostly used as a preventive measureto remove green algae from Swimming pool water. 14. Pool safety tips 15. Pool Rules : 16. Keep toys away from the poolwhen the pool is not in use 17. Empty blow-up pools aftereach use 18. No tricycles or other ridingtoys at pool side 19. No electrical appliancesnear the pool 20. No diving in a pool if that isnot deep enough 21. No running on the pool deck 22. Automatic pool covers 23. Pool alarms 24. Doors that are self closing 25. Window guards 26. Door alarms 27. Simple diving rules 28. Check the depth of the water 29. Never dive into above ground pools 30. Never dive into shallow end of a pool 31. Never dive through inner tubes 32. Thanking youhttp://beachwoodpools.com/