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  • 1. Kayla D. Garcia EDF2085 Spring 2014

2. TheSchool Runs onaVeryTight Schedule! 3. I was assigned to Mrs. Navarros second grade class on March 3, 2014. She was very welcoming, and included me in all of the lessons. She explained herself to me in various ways, as to why she taught a certain way or how to address certain issues that may arise while teaching a lesson. Mrs. Navarro made my service learning experience incredible and full of learning. I am very grateful to have been assigned to her. Mrs. Navarro 4. Mrs. Navarros second grade classroom was very similar to the picture illustrated to the left. She had the students works hanging from the ceiling and walls, and different stations for working in the classroom. The Classroom 5. Mrs. Navarro had a rules list in her classroom, warning the students of what was expected and not expected of them. She also had a behavior chart, in which the students would change the color each time they misbehaved. Having Green as the best behavior and red as the worst. Rules& Regulationsin the Classroom 6. The students would practice math problems during the time listed above. They would participate in a variety of activities, from word problems to simple addition and subtraction problems. 7. The Students performed a variety of science projects, such as growing their own plant and experimenting on pigmentation with plants and food coloring. They would learn about different animals and what each animal lived, what they were known for, etc. 8. This is an important part of the classroom as every grade, starting with second grade, would have Spanish incorporated in their lessons and daily activities in the classroom. This is done in part because it is believed that the students will have a better grasp on the new language if practiced more. 9. The way the classroom was set up, was simply amazing. The students were very cooperative and by having the rules shown in the classroom, reminded them the way they should behave. Mrs. Navarro had complete control of the classroom and made sure to have their full attention by speaking in an engaging voice and providing them with interesting assignments. I love the way Mrs. Navarro taught her class and she is absolutely an inspiration.


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