Rickenbacker International Airport: Save Time, Save Money

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International connectivity, domestic reach.

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  • 1. National HubRegional HubDay ServiceMCIMSPMKEORDMLIINDSDF CVGCLEYYZBUFROCSYR ALBSWFBOSBDLJFKEWRABEMDTPITPHLBWIORFRDUGSOCLTGSPTRIBNA TYSHSVBHMATL CHSCAERICDAY LCK IADFWA TOLDTWMEMLITSTLTULOKCSHVSBNSave time and money by importing and exportingthrough Rickenbacker International AirportGreater Efficiencies Greater ProfitsDrive greater efficiencies and profits for your business by calling Bryan Schreiber, Manager of Business Development forRickenbacker, at +1 614-409-3621 or by email at BSchreiber@ColumbusAirports.com.Two international cargo airlines serve the U.S. import community through Columbus, Ohio: Cathay Pacific and Cargolux. By movingimports through Rickenbacker, located within a one-day drive of 50 percent of the U.S. population, companies can reach theircustomers at the speed of business.Just as importantly, businesses can take advantage of the same geographical advantages for their exports. Cathay Pacific providesexport services to Asia through their Hong Kong (HKG) hub.With direct import and export air service out of Rickenbacker (LCK), you eliminate hours and costs from your customers supplychains, creating greater efficiencies and profits for your business.FEWER MILES, FEWER DOLLARSForward Air supports more than 45 overnight service pointsto and from their national hub in Columbus.Market Rickenbacker/LCKChicago/ORDNew York/JFKColumbus - 341 mi 565 miCincinnati 106 mi 317 mi 688 miCleveland 155 mi 361 mi 484 miPittsburgh 186 mi 477 mi 400 miLouisville 205 mi 319 mi 767 miIndianapolis 208 mi 205 mi 755 miDetroit 217 mi 309 mi 635 miLCKLUXHKGSunday, WednesdayFriday Sunday, ThursdayFriday Sunday, WednesdayFridayNational HubRegional Hub1-Day Service