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    Presented byHashim.p.s


    Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions

  • BackgroundThree phases since 1992 .

    Total internal funding (core) to date: CAD$651,141

    Initiated by Professor Gupta Initial objective was to stem the erosion of traditional knowledge and to document local innovation.

  • Over time the objectives have expanded to include: adding value, providing incentives and income, protecting and developing approaches for targeting women.To support the activities of the Honey Bee Network to recognize, respect and reward creativity at the grassroots.

  • InputsSRISTI created the Honey Bee database of innovations, publication of the Networks. It is associated knowledge system. Linking formal and informal science.SRISTI had organised several consultative sessions with the private sector, scientists, activists and development workers for discussing various issues related to the access to bio-diversity and associated knowledge rights.

  • ShodhYatra (Journey of Exploration) twice a year, Traditional food festival, Recipe competition, Biodiversity competition and maintains the database of Innovations and Traditional Knowledge

  • SRISTI works on the principle that a synthesis of seven Es, i.e., Excellence, Equity, Environment, Efficiency, Ethics, Empathy and Education. These provide the right chemistry for societies and move towards a compassionate, creative, competitive as well as collaborative society.

  • HONEY BEE NETWORKHoney Bee signifies a philosophy of discourses, which is fair, authentic and accountableIt advocates people to people learning, The ethics of knowledge extraction, its documentation, dissemination. and their abstraction into theories or technologies is the central concern of the Honey Bee Network.


    A framework for creating an inventive ethic at grassroots level .forging links between excellence in formal and informal Science through Honey Bee Network.


    To expand space in society for building upon sustainable technological, institutional and educational initiatives and innovations at the grassroots with special focus on women's knowledge.To document, analyse and disseminate innovations developed by people themselves.laboratory research for generating nature-friendly sustainable technologies.

  • To conserve local biodiversity through in-situ and ex-situ gene banks managed by local people.To protect the intellectual property rightsTo validate local innovations through experiments.

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