10 Inspiring Social Entrepreneurship Ideas by Jonah Engler

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  1. 1. 10 Inspiring Social Entrepreneurship Ideas that Will Make You Want to Do Some Good Gandhi once said: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. This quote inspires me to write about charity works. Here are some inspiring social entrepreneurship ideas that hopefully will persuade you into helping those in need!
  2. 2. Used Textbooks For Social Good Entrepreneurs can collaborate with college clubs and student groups to get used textbooks. In this model, students are giving away their used textbooks for free. Then their used textbooks are either donated to low income students or re-sold at a cheaper price. The proceeds of these sales can be used to buy more used textbooks that can be donated too. The proceeds of these sales can also be used to support any social change programs. Micro Power Generation Entrepreneurs who want to do some social good can supply micro power generators for people in the developing world. Moreover, they can create micro-electric solutions. There are two ways they can achieve this. In the first model, they build a miniature power plant that utilizes the by- products of human and animal activity to supply energy. In the second model, they utilize used, rechargeable batteries to build a stand-alone power system. Cooking For A Social Cause This entrepreneurship idea can help underemployed people. It helps them by providing them with skills that can help them land job in a food establishment. Exercise Equipment For Social Outreach In this model, social entrepreneur creates simple to use exercise equipment and sells it below its market value so that low income individuals could purchase it.
  3. 3. Technology To Attract Economic Development Some low income communities have little to offer. An entrepreneur can change this by installing high-tech innovations that fuel economic development. An example is an ultra-fast internet service offered to businesses below market price if they move their offices to that low income community. Social Supermarkets Social supermarket is one of the best ways to do good in the world. In a social supermarket, food is sold to low income individuals at a low price. Low-priced food is either bought at a cheap price or is donated to the store by kind individuals. In some cases, the food is either sold at a discounted price or donated to social supermarket by traditional supermarkets who could not sell it before the expiration date. Marketplace For Socially Conscious Products In this model, entrepreneur buys and sells socially conscious products. He can be doing this either in a real world or through an online store. Because these products are socially conscious, the social good is spread to everyone involved in the transaction.
  4. 4. A Virtual Factory of Computer Workers Social entrepreneur hires people from underemployed communities, teaches them a specific computer-related skill, and puts them together in a big team that completes one computer-related task that would normally require only a few workers. Since these people are highly trained in only one skill, they can complete this task much faster than only a few workers. Micro Lending For Social Good Micro lending for social good empowers low income individuals in the developing world who strive to be entrepreneurs. Some micro lending platforms allow individuals in the developed world to raise money for their entrepreneurial endeavors as well. In this model, the users of micro lending platform donate directly to low income individuals who strive to be entrepreneurs. The majority of organizations that do micro lending for social good charge their users a fee that covers the administrative costs. Food Sales To Support Philanthropy Social entrepreneur creates a food company and uses the proceeds of its sales to fund philanthropic organizations. Jonah Engler is a financial expert from NYC. Engler has been involved in a few charity works such as the RED organization.