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<ul><li> 1. Top Ten Tips on Credit Card Technology<br />PRESENTED BY<br />Dale s. laszig<br />IN COOPERATION WITH CASTLES TECHNOLOGY CO.<br />And performance training systems<br />SKILLBUILDERS SERIES<br />February 2, 2010<br /></li></ul> <p> 2.<br /><br />Our core competence is to deliver continued innovation to <br />our customers worldwide.<br /><br />Castles Technology Co, Ltd, established in 1993 by a visionary group of engineers, is a leading manufacturer of Contactless Reader &amp; EFTPOS devices and peripherals.A winning combination of point-of-sale industry knowledge and technical expertise delivers value and distinction to customers and strategic alliance partners around the world.<br /> 3. Welcome to TopTen Tips on Credit Card Technology!This presentation is based on my guest chapterin Marc Beauchamps book, How to Survive and Thrive II in the Merchant Services Industry. (2nd Ed.)More information on the book and other helpful links will be shared at the end of the show.<br />Dale Laszig<br />In this book, <br />Youll find a history of the industry; how the bankcard system works; explanations about rates and fees, and overviews of existing and future products.<br />-Marc J. Beauchamp<br /> 4. 1.Buy New<br />Why Buy New?<br />Warranty<br />Compliance<br />Reliability<br />Performance<br />Enhanced communications and memory capability<br />New Terminals offer<br />merchants more choice:<br /></p> <ul><li> New Applications </li></ul> <p> 5. Ethernet TCP/IP 6. Smart Cards 7. Dual-Comm 8. Contactless 9. Warranty 10. Security 11. SpeedJust say no to old, non-compliant processing technology. <br />Vega7000<br /> Terminal<br /> 12. 2.Buy Security<br />All merchants must comply with Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCI DSS)<br /></p> <ul><li>Transmitting, processing and storing cardholder data</li></ul> <p> 13. Self-Assessment Questionnaire 14. Fines and Penalties for Non-Compliance 15. For more information, visit:www.pcisecuritystandards.orgCompliance is not optional anymore.<br /> 16. 3.Buy Value<br />ATMs<br />Checks<br />Bill Payment<br />Gift &amp; Loyalty<br />ID Verification<br />Prepaid Cards<br />Contactless Solutions<br />Claims &amp; Eligibility Programs<br />Not only are value-adds cost-effective and easy to use, they increase profits.<br /> 17. 4.Solve a Problem<br /></p> <ul><li>Phone bill too high?Try countertop wireless, or Ethernet TCP/IP. </li></ul> <p> 18. Receiving most of your payments away from the office?Consider a portable wireless payment device. 19. Are you mainly processing transactions over the phone or online?Look at the newest solutions for eCommerce using secure internet technology. 20. Do you operate more than one business?Multi-merchant applications will save time, money and counter space. Start by solving a simple problem.<br />Maybe their system isnt appropriate for their business.<br /> 21. 5.Multi-task<br />A few examples:<br />Gateway solutions enable merchants to view transactions in real-time from a variety of platforms.<br />Payment modules embedded in accounting software help merchants simultaneously invoice and process credit card payments.<br />Smart phones and netbooks paired with card readers give merchants a portable enterprise platform for their businesses. <br />The best solutions give merchants <br />a single access point to a variety of applications. <br /> 22. 6.Customize<br />Used to be, everyones credit card processing looked the same.<br />No more!<br />Today theres an array of affordable ways to optimize software and brand your processing system.<br />Ask your processor for details. <br />Adding your logo to a payment form or gift card will <br />advertise and build brand awareness.<br /> 23. 7.Invest in Services<br />Eligibility and Claims Processing <br />Prepaid Cards<br />Gift Cards<br />Loyalty Program<br />Integrated Solutions<br />Virtual Terminals<br />Mobile Solutions<br />eCommerce Solutions <br />What other servicesdoes your credit card processoroffer in addition to credit card processing?<br /> 24. Who would benefit?<br />Merchants with more than one location <br />Merchants with more than one business<br />Merchants whose mobile workers accept payment at point of delivery <br />Merchants who need remote access to their accounts<br />Merchants who want fraud protection<br />Everyone!<br />8.Real-timeAccount Access<br />The Many Benefits of <br />Payment Gateways:<br /></p> <ul><li>Security </li></ul> <p> 25. Accessibility 26. Consolidated Reporting 27. Control Your Destiny and Processing Relationships track transaction activity in real-time. . .<br /> 28. 9.Buy Protection<br /></p> <ul><li>Overnight Equipment Replacement </li></ul> <p> 29. Automatic Shipments of Paper and Supplies 30. 24 Hour Help Desk 31. Maintaining your PCI Compliance 32. Upgrade Programs and Trade-in OpportunitiesOvernight replacements, automatic shipments of supplies, and other additional support services will give you peace of mind.<br /> 33. Dont overload the apple cart:Start witha simple and basic system, and add to it as you grow and become more comfortable.<br />Do your research, interview companies, and ask other business owners for referrals.<br />10.Begin withBasics <br />build a payment system that is strong enough for today and scalable enough for tomorrow. <br /><br /> 34. For more information or to explore a career in merchant services, contact:<br />Whether you re a merchant, new agent or experienced payments industry veteran, <br />Marc J. Beauchamps <br />Howto Survive and Thrive II in the Merchant Services Industry(2nd Ed., 2009)<br />is your guide to the evolving world of card payment acceptance. <br />To order your copy, visit:<br /><br />Performance Training SystemsHouston, Texas(832) 642-1049 Telephone(509) 352-7523 FaxMarc BeauchampTraining<br /> 35. Thank<br /> you!<br />Castles Technology:<br />Delivering innovation<br />toour customers<br />worldwide. <br />Dale Laszig<br />VP Sales, Castles Technology<br />973-249-0332Office<br />973-249-0342Fax<br />973-930-0331Mobile<br /><br />Castles Technology Co., Ltd<br />2F, No. 205, Beishin Rd. Sec. 3, Hsin-Tien City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan 231, R.O.C.<br />Tel: +886-2-89131771 Fax: +886-2-89131772<br />E-mail:<br /></p>