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<ol><li> 1. A l i M u j a h i d </li><li> 2. THINK ABOUT IT By Ali Mujahid e-book layout &amp; design by: Paramount Publishing Enterprise K a r a c h i - L a h o r e - I s l a m a b a d </li><li> 3. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the Copyright holders. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publishers prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. THINK ABOUT IT By Ali Mujahid e-book layout &amp; design by: Paramount Publishing Enterprise 152/O, Block-2, P.E.C.H.S., Karachi-75400, Pakistan Tel: 4310030 Fax: 4553772 E-mail: Website: </li><li> 4. iii Preface ................................................................. v Authors note ........................................................ vii Rules for discussion and disagreement ................ viii Instructions ........................................................... ix 1. The Reason of Existence ........................... 01 2. Objectives: What are they good for ............ 05 3. Developing a Belief System ....................... 09 4. Powerful Word ........................................... 12 5. How to Fall in Love with Problems ............. 16 6. A Civilization with no Questions ................ 20 7. Dont tell the World we are Muslims; Show them that we are Muslims ................ 23 8. Communication is the Key ......................... 26 9. The Art of becoming Fearless .................... 30 10. An Education Revolution ............................ 33 Contents </li><li> 5. iv </li><li> 6. v Few are able to bring relevance and erudition to a subject at the same time. It is, of course, what separates the good from the great. Ali Mujahid is one of those people. At a time when the religious majority is unable to connect with the Muslim masses, Ali Mujahids discourse becomes invaluable in drawing younger generations back to faith. Combining over 15 years of Dawa experience; backed with a sound education in business and Quranic studies, Mr. Mujahid has brought together a work whose birth I witnessed some 12 years ago. In the late nineties I was blessed to befriend, lead and serve Mr. Mujahid; his methods of dawa revolutionized our efforts in America transforming a once sleepy community into an example for other student organizations to follow. His motto, Allah is our Lord. Muhammad is our Prophet. We can do anything. It was during those golden days that Ali began to talk of a book. Initially I paid it little attention, but over time I realized that, as was always the case, Alis words were painted into actions. The work before you represents the ode of a lover to his beloved. In Alis case, that is Islam. It is rare Preface </li><li> 7. vi that one asks to write an introduction for another. But in this case, I, although suffocated with exams and work in Egypt, contacted him and said, Let me write the intro. Ali, as always, agreed and, as always, I pushed the deadline. But let me say that this work is the product of a vision that sees Islam compatible with todays world, positive in its outlook and encouraging Muslims to invest in humanity and their countries. I applaud Ali for this effort and encourage all to read, study and live this important contribution to the contemporary Islamic discourse. Im lucky because those who want to strengthen their hearts will read this text; when I want to, I remember my days with Mr. Mujahid. Hafidh Suhaib D. Webb al-Azhari Sunday, April 19, 2009 Cairo, Egypt </li><li> 8. This booklet contains some short thought-provoking articles. My main objective for writing this book is basically for Muslims to start thinking and exploring new ideas of self development. Each article in this book is worth a discussion. You may agree or disagree with me; there is nothing wrong with it. vii Authors Note </li><li> 9. viii Rules for discussion and disagreement If you disagree with any of my topics or wish to improve them, then visit the following URL. Here you would find the whole booklet available online. All you have to do is improve any article as you like, just make sure to use simple English so that everyone can benefit from it. So Inshallah if I ever get a chance to publish my second edition, then I will make sure to include my readers points of view. </li><li> 10. ix Instructions As the author I would like my readers to get full value of this small booklet. So, for that please read the following instructions: 1. Sit with your friends or someone you are close to (cousins, parents, spouse, etc). 2. Each person should read a chapter on an individual basis. 3. After reading, you should all sit together and explore the topic. Generate new ideas, plus you should discuss how you can improve yourself. </li><li> 11. If we look around us we find that everything in nature serves a purpose. The trees, mountains, rivers, lakes, insects are all interlinked to serve a purpose. If we look at the harmony in nature it seems that everything that exists knows it purpose. The only living thing not in harmony is the human being. Could this be the reason of such unrest within our society? That as human beings we dont know why we exist, what is our purpose, do we even have a purpose? Personally these are age-old questions, which are answered by numerous philosophers from all time. But here I would like to use this aspect in person-to-person bases. Each and every individual on this planet is different; each one of us has a different mix of talents. What I would like my readers to do is to write down the reason of your existence on the piece of paper. This one statement can make the life of an individual more fruitful. Any individual with this statement written down would be more focused towards his/her goals and objectives. The person would develop excellent planning skills and implement them with a passion. If the individual has a strong belief about his/her reason of existence, then there is a likely 1 The Reason of Existence </li><li> 12. 2 Why do I exist? Where do I fit in? </li><li> 13. chance that this person would become a leader. In order to develop a good reason of existence there are basic two rules. Firstly it should not be too narrow and secondly it should not be too broad. Lets take a simple example to say, You exist only to fulfil your family requirements. This statement is too narrow. What if, God forbids the family dies then there would be no reason for the individuals existence. Similarly if the statement is too broad such as I exist to perform good deeds in the society. This statement is too broad and not much planning can go into it. The reason of existence should have a balance. The question might arise how we can strike a balance. Its really simple; first evaluate your personality, and look for your strengths. If you cannot find it then ask your spouse, relative and close friends. Then look for the challenges in the society and find out how you can help to make it a better place. In simple words just remember the following formulae: - your strengths + society challenges = Reason of Existence Exercise Write down your strengths _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 3 </li><li> 14. _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ List down social challenges _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Briefly in one sentence describe your reason of existence ___________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 4 </li><li> 15. Behind every successful human being is his/her thinking process. By thinking process I simply mean how quickly one can generate a new idea. Behind every thinking process there are objectives. Objectives play a very vital role in ones life. Yet they are neglected by majority of us. In my personal opinion this is simply because we as human being have become quiet short cited. We are more concerned about today or most probably tomorrow but we hardly think about ten years down the line. The following are some advantages of laying down our objectives; Developing Strategies Objectives are targets we are trying to achieve. A strategy is the means to achieve that target. Planning sometimes backfires, therefore we try to look for alternatives. At the end a determined individual does not loose hope and always keep trying. This leads us to the second advantage, which is positive thinking. Positive Thinking If you are a particular individual who does not give up and always tries to make the best out of any Objectives: What are they good for 5 </li><li> 16. 6 ? How can I reach up there? </li><li> 17. 7 situation, then there is a highly likely chance that you think in a positive manner. If we have objective we never give up. Within ourselves there is a small voice telling us to keep trying, it is not the end of the world. We scan for alternative routes which lead us towards becoming more creative. Which in term leads us to the next advantage to become more creative. Creativity Creativity is simply about doing ones action in a better way. Minimizing our input and maximizing our output. Creativity comes in place when we scan for alternative routes for achieving our objectives. Whenever we are looking for alternative, something amazing happens. We always discover something new and exciting. Conflict Resolution There are many types of conflicts but majority of the time conflicts occurs when the conflicting parties have different objectives. The mediator can resolve their issues simply by giving them a common objective. This is one of the reasons why in the time of crisis, two foes can become one because of a common enemy. Wisdom Wisdom is about seeing the big picture, having birds a eye view over every situation and issue. A person with objectives would remain focus on his/her objectives. He/she would not worry about small hindrances. In conclusion objectives help us in seeing the big picture. </li><li> 18. 8 This helps us become wiser. Exercise Briefly list five things which you would like to achieve after five years 1 ________________________________________ 2 ________________________________________ 3 _________________________________________ 4 _________________________________________ 5 _________________________________________ </li><li> 19. A belief system is the best motivator of any human being; the stronger the belief the stronger the motivation factor. The question arises how we can generate a strong belief system. The concept is very simple and anyone can achieve it. Human beings make decisions using two factors. These two factors are logic and emotions. So to make our life easy we can easily say that decisions are based on the mind and the heart. Whenever there is a decision to make our heart and mind set to work, these two factors are looking for some sort of justification. Sometimes the heart wins and sometimes the mind. The problem arises when these two factors are in a collision course. At that point no such decision can be made. This is also one of the reasons why our action are inconsistent. If we look at the other side of the picture, what if an issue comes up and the heart and mind both are set on the same task, then we see a belief system being formulated. You would witness consistencies in actions. In conclusion if you are inconsistent in your actions, that means you are not convinced of the task givento you. You have to make sure that you are satisfied Developing a Belief System 9 </li><li> 20. 10 </li><li> 21. 11 with this task emotionally and on the bases of logic. The more you are satisfied with it, the better your performance would turn out to be. Exercise Produce three things that you believe in. List them down. </li><li> 22. Language plays a very important role in the de- velopment of a civilization. It brings humanity on a single platform; from here we start to communicate. Can it be possible that a single word can bring about a change in a nation? Personally I would suggest that it can. If we start using one word more often and frequently, we can bring a change in the condition we are in. How can that be possible? Easy the words that we use form an image in our mind. If we start using positive words then we would see positive mental images, as a result our perception would be positive. We could say the same for a negative word, which would lead to a negative image. Due to this reason leaders and managers of organizations should carefully use words, which would send out a positive image to the employees and to the nation at large. Let me give you a simple example, we love to use the word problem. There is nothing wrong with this word but it does scare us, hence we get a negative image that there is something wrong with the issue at hand. Instead of using the word problem we should use the word challenge. With the word challenge we get a different mental image and there is a highly likely chance that we would deal with this Powerful word 12 </li><li> 23. 13 Why cant we? We should How can we? </li><li> 24. 14 issue in a different manner. For Example: The world is facing a lot of problems. The world is facing a lot of challenges. Similarly there is another word that we hardly use. If we start using this word more often we can surely become a positive nation and much better human beings. The word is we. I strongly believe in this word and I can assure you that if we use this word more often, it would help us to change our attitude towards life. The word itself sends a strong image at the receivers end. For Example: We should accomplish our target. We will help you. We will take care of this issue. The word we unites people for a common cause, it sends out a very comfortable connotation that we are not alone. Although we should not forget that where there is light, there has to be darkness. The word can also give us a negative image. For Example: We would rob the bank. We would lie together. We would cheat everyone. The biggest weak point of the dark side is that it can be eliminated by a very small source of light. So how can we use this word to its full potential? The following is a good exercise in which we c...</li></ol>