The Selfie Journey - 7 Steps to Connect and Engage Online

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Sharing this talk I gave at the We Are One event last December 7, 2013. We are One was a typhoon Yolanda event fundraiser. There are many ways a person can connect and engage the people they meet online and offline. More than just sharing what you know and what you have, I believe it is also about empowering others and creating shared memorable experiences. These experiences can take place in different levels - some one-time while others on a sustained basis. Whatever that may be, it has to be sincere and not self-serving. Brings out the best in others directly or inspiring or empowering them to do so. Learn more about building your digital influence at


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2. +#1 Express your passion 3. +#2 Build trust through consistency 4. 5. 6. people with knowledge. 7. FREE for DigitalFilipino Club Members 8. +#3 Create a differentiation 9. + #4 Attract the crowd you like 10. Certified Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur Program with eLearning Edge and Ateneo De Manila University Platform used: Webinar, Edu20, Facebook, Email, Mobile 11. + Profile: Out-of-town, differentiators, influencers 12. + #5 Own a category 13. +Porter Gale FUNNEL TESTE-CommerceSweet SpotEducationPeople ChangeEmpower individuals with e-commerce wisdom and skills they can use in sustaining business, advocacy, achieve better quality of life. Janette Toral 14. 15. + #6 Use the rebel in you 16. Craft your vision. Make it a reality. 17. + #7 Define a framework to sustain 18. + 19. Twitter: @digitalfilipino Facebook: digitalfilipino