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2. Step 1 Duplicate layer Set Blending mode to Soft Light at 100% 3. Step 2 Go to Image > Adjustment > Selective Color... Pick Black from the drop down, and then add 20% to Black from the spectrum 4. Step 3 Select skin areas using Magic Wand Tool(Q) Feather Selection (Alt+Ctrl+D) 5px then Layer Via Copy (Ctrl+J) name it "skin" 5. Step 4 Add an Curves adjustment layer (Curves) (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves)Add a Level layer... 6. Note: You can duplicate the layer if it isnt strong enough. 7. Then finally change the Hue/Saturation layer ... 8. Step 5[image]Add colour to the lips Pick the Lasso Tool then draw the selection around her lip Feather selection (5px) Use Hue/Saturation module (Ctrl + U)6.And now, shade something .. -Stand on layer "skin" 9. -Pick Burn Tool, darker some dark area ...You see? these areas are so bright. Fix it now!! 10. -Use EyeDropper, choose a skin tone color-Make new layer-Use Soft Brush draw into bright areas ( on new layer )-Change Blending mode = " Color "-Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur ( 5 > 10 px ) 11. Now, we need some tone color for this imageI choose warm toneAdd one more adjustment layer ( Photo Filter ) and set as I did .. 12. At last step, you should make a copy-of-merged-layer by using Image >> Apply Image ( on new blank layer )Change mode = Screen, discount Opacity ..You can use Dodge and Burn Tool to shading some skin areas are incorrect ... 13. This is stock photo 14. and this is last result !! Have fun :) 15. Results