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<ul><li><p>Online Marketing for Success</p><p>with Kalamali and the First Business Co-Op</p></li><li><p>Introductions</p></li><li><p>Outline</p><p>1. Introduction</p><p>2. Future of Online Marketing</p><p>3. Reaching Your Audience </p><p>4. Content Marketing</p><p>-SEO</p><p>-Blog</p><p>-Video</p><p>-Social Media </p><p>5. Conclusion</p></li><li><p>What are your marketing goals?</p><p>Raise Your Hand if</p></li><li><p>Why Are We Here Today?</p><p> Sharing that which will uplift consciousness</p><p> Gaining support for our small business or organization</p><p> Serving others through our Dharma</p><p> Dwapara -- energy exchanges via web</p></li><li><p>WOW!</p></li><li><p>Marketing at Ananda</p><p>If Wrigley's can advertise to get people to chew </p><p>their gum, why shouldnt we advertise to get </p><p>them to chew good ideas? Paramhansa </p><p>Yogananda</p></li><li><p>Marketing at Ananda</p><p>With ingenuity, youll find that theres no limit to the ways in which one can advertise, both creatively and dharmically.</p><p>Swami Kriyananda</p><p>Swamis Suggested Reading: </p><p>Material Success Through Yoga Principles, Chapter: Secrets of Effective Advertising</p></li><li><p>First things First:</p><p>Know your vision (Know thyself)</p><p>1.Create your intention</p><p>2.Put it to paper</p><p>3.Use Affirmation and </p><p>Visualization</p><p>4.Group Energy &amp; Support</p></li><li><p>The greater the faith, the greater the will</p><p>The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy</p><p>The greater the flow of energy, the greater the </p><p>magnetism.</p><p>-Swami Kriyananda</p><p>The Art and Science of Raja Yoga</p><p>Magnetizing Your Online Marketing (OM)</p></li><li><p>Attracting Success Booklet</p></li><li><p>Reaching and Connecting to Your </p><p>Audience</p><p>1. Target Audience</p><p>2. Core Values</p><p>3. Your Story</p><p>4. Niche</p><p>5. Messaging</p></li><li><p>1. Target Audience</p><p>Target Audience (s)? Personas</p><p>Characteristics? Hobbies?</p><p>What are their daily behaviors and lifestyle like?</p><p>Current groups with which you have success? </p><p>Where would you like to expand to?</p><p>Where do your potential supporters go for information?</p><p>Online behaviors?</p><p>Their needs and aspirations? Goals? Questions?</p></li><li><p>Practice</p></li><li><p>2. Core Values</p><p>Marketing is most effective when messaging </p><p>makes a deep, immediate connection. </p><p>Connecting to the why the target audience </p><p>will care to receive what you have to give...</p></li><li><p>Core Value Practice</p><p>Question to find a core value (1-2 words) that </p><p>describe the essence: </p><p>Why is this meaningful? </p><p>Exs: Youth, Family, Security, Equality, Love, </p><p>Acceptance, Independence</p><p>Full Article:</p></li><li><p>Examples of Core Values at Ananda:</p><p> Connection/Community/Family</p><p> Peace, Relaxation &amp; Calmness, </p><p> Self-Discovery, Personal Growth</p><p> Aspiration </p><p> Joy, Living a Happier Life</p></li><li><p>What is Your Story?</p><p> Storytelling in </p><p>marketing</p><p> Telling your story</p><p> Imagery</p><p> Core Values </p><p> Target Audience</p><p> Higher Meaning and </p><p>Value</p></li><li><p>Niche</p><p> Unique to </p><p>you?</p><p> Others in the </p><p>field?</p><p> How to </p><p>express this?</p><p> Joy Singers: </p></li><li><p>Messaging</p><p>Checklist: </p><p>Imagery</p><p>Core Values</p><p>Content</p><p>Uniqueness</p><p>Quotables</p><p>Metaphor</p><p>Testimonials</p><p>Actions</p></li><li><p>Marketing Research</p><p> What it is?</p><p> Simple ways to do it?</p><p> Balance</p></li><li><p>Example: Joy Singers</p></li><li><p>Example: Ashram Girl Website Photo Testing</p></li><li><p>Break!</p></li><li><p>Content Marketing</p><p>2 billion pieces of content, including photos, videos, web </p><p>links and news stories are "Liked" and shared each day.</p><p>Article:</p></li><li><p>Content Marketing Tree</p></li><li><p>Qualities of Viral Content Inspirational</p><p> Creative</p><p> Beautiful </p><p> Evokes high energy or enthusiasm</p><p> Stories or meaningful topics </p><p> Humorous</p><p> Passionate</p><p> Caring</p><p> Surprising</p><p> Interesting</p><p> Practical/Useful </p><p> Timely</p><p>Health and </p><p>Education are </p><p>the two most </p><p>shared topics </p><p>online</p></li><li><p>Content Development: SEO</p><p>Content Marketing</p><p>Online -Global</p><p>Social Media BloggingSearch Engine Optimization </p><p>(SEO)Advertising</p><p>Print- Local</p></li><li><p>Easy-Top SEO Tips</p><p> Page title</p><p> Domain names</p><p> Meta descriptions (160 characters or less)</p><p> Image descriptions for file names</p><p> Alt tags</p><p> Captions below images</p><p> Useful content </p><p> Research keywords using tools</p><p> Connecting (internal v external links)</p><p> Read Article:</p></li><li><p>Google Ads Keyword Tool</p></li><li><p>Blogging</p><p> What it is</p><p> Why we do it</p><p> How to do it</p><p>If you could leave with one new thing to start </p><p>doing in your marketing-- it should be </p><p>blogging!</p><p>Article:</p></li><li><p>Video-ImageryWhy it is so important:</p><p>Professionalism &amp; Crediblity</p><p>Vlogging (Video-Blog)</p><p>YouTube &amp; SEO</p><p>Social Media friendly images</p><p>Virality </p><p>Copyrite</p><p> Stock Photos:</p><p></p><p>Article:</p></li><li><p>YouTube</p></li><li><p>VLOG</p><p>Live Streaming via Google --</p><p>YouTube</p></li><li><p>Which Social Media Site is right for you?</p><p> Pinterest*</p><p> Google +*</p><p> YouTube*</p><p> Facebook</p><p> Twitter</p><p> Vimeo</p><p> Instagram</p><p> LinkedIn</p><p> SlideShare</p><p> Others (SPECIFIC to your audience)</p><p>* = predicted to become </p><p>most popular social media </p><p>sites in coming years</p></li><li><p>What is Pinterest?</p><p> Pin + Interest</p><p> Made up of Pinners, Boards, and Pins</p><p> Pretend you are pinning ideas to a bulletin board </p><p>to read or use/learn later</p><p> Very visual and image-oriented</p><p> Like an online magazine you create yourself</p><p> Can connect with Twitter and Facebook</p></li><li><p>Finding Happiness Pinterest Example: </p><p>Creative Boards by Topic </p></li><li><p>Why Use Pinterest?</p><p> 80% of NEW visitors to site, examples: </p><p></p><p></p><p> Fastest growing social media site</p><p> SEO Boosting, ex: </p><p> Ashram Girl blog post 500 views per week</p><p> Top site for turning a post (or pin) into a sale</p><p> Reading: </p><p></p><p>to-pinterest-build-pinterest-network/</p></li><li><p>Google +</p><p> Connected to a GMAIL account</p><p> World-wide connection, unlimited potential</p><p> Amazing with SEO</p><p>Can Use for:</p><p> Google Business Pages </p><p> Google Communities </p><p> Google Hangout or Events </p><p> YouTube video automatic uploading</p></li><li><p></p></li><li><p>Google Plus PAGE</p></li><li><p>Google Plus COMMUNITY</p></li><li><p>Google Plus Event-Hangout</p></li><li><p>Facebook Connecting + Engaging Audience</p><p> Over 1 billion people use it</p><p> Future-- Social Search</p><p> Target Audiences</p><p> Ways to Use:</p><p>Profiles, </p><p>Groups, </p><p>Pages</p></li><li><p>Other Social Media Sites</p><p> Twitter? Real time engagement, public (can </p><p>message - chat with anyone)</p><p> Bloggers, celebrities, authors, etc.</p><p> LinkedIn? Professional networking and </p><p>groups, potential new employees, credibility</p><p> SlideShare? Fun and SEO helpful, embed </p><p>slides into your site, educational</p><p> Tumblr? Blogging, younger demographic</p><p> Instagram? All visual, urban demographic</p></li><li><p>Social Media &amp; Your Website</p><p> Get the right social media tool or widget to add </p><p>to your website footer or header</p><p> Connect website and facebook pages via links </p><p>wherever possible</p><p> Include website link on your posts </p><p> Social media tips section</p><p></p><p>Logo</p><p>URL</p></li><li><p>Where to place social media icons </p><p>on a website:</p></li><li><p>Conclusion</p><p> Stay inspired</p><p> Be steadfast </p><p> Learn to be effective</p><p> Stay open and flexible, adapt with times</p><p> Continue to progress and be blessed!</p><p>Remember: Sharing is Caring</p></li><li><p>Affirmation</p><p>I leave behind me both my failures and </p><p>accomplishments. What I do today will create </p><p>a new and better future, filled with inner joy.</p></li><li><p>Thank you!Additional articles, marketing templates and examples: </p><p> ~ /store to get the booklets:</p><p>For Ananda networking lists and articles specific to our path:</p><p></p></li><li><p>Questions?</p><p>Also email or</p></li></ul>


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