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  • 1. The Media & Young Mothers Lauren Tuttle

2. Popular Culture has developed a negative attitude towards young mothers and is consistently being reinforced by social media. 3. I think its safe to say Google yields search results with texts relevant to social issues in present day society.Google generated the following images when I searched teen mom and young mothers. 4. Ads found in NYC subways 5. Ads found in NYC subways 6. The meaning and message that I get from these images makes young mothers out to be careless, selfabsorbed, and not to be taken seriously.The images from the NYC subway bring a message that there is no hope for young mothers or their children, young mothers are going to be raising their child alone, and a message to be ashamed. 7. Although being a teen mom is an entirely different, uniquely challenging experience from the 20-something mom, we're still relatively grouped into the same category -- at least to the rest of the world. And if the shows Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant teach the world anything (besides don't get knocked up in high school), it's that young motherhood comes along with drug charges, promiscuity and bad choices. That young motherhood is an irresponsible accident limited to the uneducated, the disadvantaged or the fiercely religious. Young motherhood is not wanted. And even those who are 23, 24, 25 years old will still be judged, speculated, gossiped aboutOf course she'd get pregnant young. She's that type.- blogger Michelle Horton 8. She's that type. When I began putting together ideas for this presentation that type kept coming to mind as I tried to define the stereotype of young mothers. That type will bring an image to mind for some if not all of you, of a teen or young mom. That type is what the media has been creating with shows like teen mom, even further back to episodes of Maury or Jerry Springer.But I knew there would probably be someone who would refute my description of a young mom as you know, that type by asking what do you mean that type? and Michelle Hortons blog post couldnt have explained it better. 9. False Perception of Reality Im not proud to admit that I was a person who judged, speculated, and gossiped when girls in high school were pregnant or there was a young woman pregnant at the mall. This was because of the idea of a young mother was molded by society to be, again that type. 10. False Perception of Reality This was until my point of view changed and the roles were reversed.I became the young mother being judged and stereotyped by my friends, my friends parents, co-workers, and by people I didnt even know - people who didnt know my story. 11. I always pictured myself having a normal life - finishing school, getting married, owning a home, steady job and then starting a family. However, things never seem to work out the way you plan them. I found out I was pregnant 2 months before my 21st birthday. Because I knew what people thought of young mothers, because I had judged young mothers, I knew exactly what people were going to think of me - but I remembered they dont know me. 12. I knew I wasnt that type of girl social media made my situation out to be so I tried and continue to try not to be ashamed when I tell people my age or say boyfriend rather than husband. However, Im proud to be a mom to the sweetest little boy, Im proud to be working in the Legal Department at Unum, and Im proud of myself for not giving up on my degree despite the challenge it has become.To me, this image carries the meaning of a happy & loving family.