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Mari Nge-Blog Express yourself. Start a blog. Dr. Suryadiputra Liawatimena BiNus University 2009

Mari Nge-Blog

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In Bahasa Indonesia.A step by step how to setup and maintain a blog at Wordpress.com(Langkah demi langkah cara mensetup dan merawat sebuah Blog di Wordpress.com)

Text of Mari Nge-Blog

  • 1. Mari Nge-BlogExpress yourself. Start a blog.
    Dr. Suryadiputra Liawatimena
    BiNus University

2. Mulai dari sini
3. 4. ngeblogmari
5. Beri Judul blognya
6. 7. Activation di Mailbox Anda
8. Blog anda sudah siap!
9. Konfirmasi Hasil Aktivasi
10. Login
11. Dashboard
12. Appearance
13. Pilih Vigilance Sebagai Themes
14. Themes Activated
15. Custom Header: 920 x 180 pixels
16. Cari Gambar Ukuran 920 x 180 px
17. Posts
18. Add New Post
19. Insert More Tag
20. Cari Gambar(s)
Ke http://www.google.com
Ketik kata kunci yang hendak dicari +
Klik Images
21. Menyimpan Gambar Dari Internet
22. Add An Image
23. Select Files
24. Browse Letak Gambarnya
25. Judul, Caption, Letak, Ukuran
26. Edit Image
27. 28. Format Text
29. Insert Hyperlink
30. Heading 3 = Judul Sub BabBullet, List, Alignment, Bold, Italic, Underline, etc
31. Tags & Categories
Tags = Subject
Buku Catatan
Menjadi Expert
Export Tokek, dll
Lihat tag sejenis: Tag Surfer
Categories = Topik-topik yang akan jadi isi blog
Technopreneur, dll
32. Manfaat Categories
Add new categories:
Jadi setiap kamu menulissebuah artikel/ post a blogtentang Bisnis Tokek, beri tanda centang pada Bisnis dan Tokek.
Bila hanya Bisnis secara umum, centang hanya Bisnis.
Sehingga suatu saat orang yang tertarik untuk mempelajari ilmu per-Tokek-an yang bisa di-bisnis-kan ia akan mengklik Category Tokek dan semua postingmu tentang itu akan muncul.
33. Publish
Visibility = Atursiapa boleh lihatapa.
Sticky post = tidak tenggelambila ada postingbaru
Mau dijadwalterbitnya bisa.
34. Kamu Sudah Mempost 1 artikel!
35. 36. Widgets
37. Text Box Widget
38. Hasil Widgets
Kunjungihttp://widgets.wordpress.comuntuk mendapatkan ribuan widgets (tapi tidak semua bisa dipasang di tempat yang gratis di*.wordpress.com)
39. Tips
Stay on topic.
Choose a topic that will benefit a particular audience and write strictly about that. Dont flood your blog with personal stories about your family and vacation.
Keep it professional.
Strive to be somewhat objective when it comes to controversial topics. Refrain from too much self-promotion, and never badmouth your competition or others!
Edit, edit, edit!
Ok, so blogs dont have to be written in AP style, but be sure your grammar and spelling is correct.
40. Tips
Tag each post and let your readers search by topic.
A tag is a label that you apply to each post that quickly identifies some categories in which a post belongs. When you have a lengthy library of posts, readers can access information theyre looking for even if it is no longer on your front page.
Keep it interesting.
Combine text, images, links to other blogs (called a blog roll), links to additional resources on the Internet and related media in your blog. Link in text and provide further reading or additional resources links at the end of each post to reinforce your point. Linking is crucial to creating a dynamic blog. Including interesting resources, credible Web sites, and current news stories makes you look interesting, credible, and current.
41. Tips
Readers will check your blog daily if they know theyll find something relevant, and the number of hits and comments on your blog will soar. Make sure that readers can leave comments and make a point to respond to them in a timely manner.
Post regularly and often.
Realistically, people wont come back to a site that is dormant for days at a time. To ensure that you have enough material, brainstorm topics and draft content well in advance so that you always have angles and relative topics to cover.
42. 43. http://pkab.wordpress.com
44. 45. Selamat merawat Blog
Jika ada pertanyaan silahkan kunjungi http://ngeblogmari.wordpress.com dan berikan komentar sebagai pertanyaan
Atau kirimkan email ke [email protected]
46. Selamat ber-blog ria