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PLEASE SPREAD THIS IDEA so that peiople learn of the easy and simple way of bringing detail to life. By simply putting a drop of water on the small lens on your mobile device, you will be able to take pictures and videos of the smallest details in objects. This is a quick, easy and "natural" substitute to the mainstream macro lens. IT'S ALSO FREE!!

Text of Macro photography

  • 1. MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY: MOBILE DEVICES*All photos and videos were taken by from my IPod and support the point being made.10/30/2011Warren Ondanje

2. Most mobile devices, eventhough quite modern, areincapable of delivering the levelof detail close up shots require.The only way has been to buyexpensive and hefty lenseswhich are not always practical.What solution is in place?Shall we just buy the lensesanyway or assume we cant takeclose up photos and give up alltogether?10/30/2011 Warren Ondanje 3. QUENCH IT WITH SOME WATER just like the title suggests, go ahead and use water!10/30/2011Warren Ondanje 4. A droplet of water is all that isneeded to make the difference.ITS EASY! Take a droplet ofwater, put it on your camerasglass protector and that is it.10/30/2011 Warren Ondanje 5. Double click the video to play and see for yourself. Enjoy!10/30/2011Warren Ondanje 6. Try it, be creative and discover a whole macro worldTHANK YOU10/30/2011 Warren Ondanje