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<ul><li><p>HOW TO FEELBETTER</p><p>Feel better by following the steps below.Repeat daily until only good feelings remain.Changing your thoughts changes everything.</p><p>How Do You Feel?Stop and notice how you feel. What emotion</p><p>is it? Can you name it? It doesn't matter,</p><p>just know that if you don't feel super-duper,</p><p>then you need to proceed to the next step.</p><p>What are you thinking?What thought are you thinking that made you</p><p>feel bad? Name it. Write it down. For example,</p><p>"I'm never going to be married. I will be alone</p><p>forever." That thought would make you feel</p><p>awful. Let's find one that feels better.</p><p>Pick a better feeling thoughtThe worse you feel, the harder it may be to find</p><p>a better feeling thought. It's okay to find any</p><p>thought that makes you feel even a tiny bit</p><p>better. For example, "There are lots of people</p><p>worse off than me who get married." If the</p><p>thought makes you feel great, skip the next</p><p>step.</p><p>Find an even better feeling thought</p><p>Take Action</p><p>Every new feeling makes you want to act a</p><p>certain way. Good feelings generally lead to</p><p>positive action. Now you are feeling better and</p><p>doing more things to create a happier life.</p><p>Interested? More info at</p><p></p><p>936-666-2182</p><p>Sometimes a new thought makes us feel worse</p><p>or just a little better. Keep trying new thoughts</p><p>that make you feel better and better.</p><p>Remember, you have to believe the thought you</p><p>chose, or it doesn't work. </p></li></ul>