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    Feel better by following the steps below.Repeat daily until only good feelings remain.Changing your thoughts changes everything.

    How Do You Feel?Stop and notice how you feel. What emotion

    is it? Can you name it? It doesn't matter,

    just know that if you don't feel super-duper,

    then you need to proceed to the next step.

    What are you thinking?What thought are you thinking that made you

    feel bad? Name it. Write it down. For example,

    "I'm never going to be married. I will be alone

    forever." That thought would make you feel

    awful. Let's find one that feels better.

    Pick a better feeling thoughtThe worse you feel, the harder it may be to find

    a better feeling thought. It's okay to find any

    thought that makes you feel even a tiny bit

    better. For example, "There are lots of people

    worse off than me who get married." If the

    thought makes you feel great, skip the next


    Find an even better feeling thought

    Take Action

    Every new feeling makes you want to act a

    certain way. Good feelings generally lead to

    positive action. Now you are feeling better and

    doing more things to create a happier life.

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    Sometimes a new thought makes us feel worse

    or just a little better. Keep trying new thoughts

    that make you feel better and better.

    Remember, you have to believe the thought you

    chose, or it doesn't work.