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<ul><li> 1. How to Use TwitterPresented By:</li></ul> <p> 2. What is Twitter?Twitter is a social networking service that allows its users to send and receiveshort messages (tweets) of 140 characters or less. 3. 1. Finding Users to Follow: Finding Twitter users to follow is an integral part of the Twitter process as it allows you to receive and interact with content from other users.Find users to follow by navigating to the# Discover button on your homepage. Once there, click the Who to followbutton. This option will display suggestions from Twitter based on similaritiesfrom current users you are following. You can also find followers using the Findfriends button. This option will allow you to search through your email contactsfor users you know who may be using Twitter. Lastly, select the Browsecategories button to find users based on specific categories of interest. 4. 2. Composing a Tweet: Compose a new Tweet by entering a message of 140 characters or less in the Compose new Tweet box on your homepage. After youve composed a new tweet, it will be sent to the Twitter feeds of users who follow you as well thesearchable Twitter database at to Tweet? Links to interesting webpages, questions to engage your followers, innerthoughts, company news, current events, etc. 5. 3. @ Mention:The @ symbol is an operator used to reference a Twitteruser. Use the @ symbol followed by a users Twitter handle todirectly contact them. EX: @FiveStarInst You can compose a tweet to a twitter user using the @symbol in the Compose new Tweet box on your homepage.You can also include a user in a general tweet to all of your followers.EX: I just attended the Five Star Conference from @FiveStarInst.Check @ mentions you may have received from other Twitter users by selectingthe @ Connect button on your homepage and navigating further to theMentions button. 6. 4. Direct Messaging: Sending a direct message allows you to contact a Twitter user privately. Twitter messages do not appear in your Twitter feed or your recipients Twitter Feed. You can send a direct message by clicking the profilebutton on the profile page of the user you are messaging. You will be presentedwith a drop down box. Select the option Send a Direct Message.Note: You can only direct message Twitter users who follow you. If a Twitter useris not following you, the Send a Direct Message option will not appear in thedrop down box when clicking the profile button on the Twitter users page. 7. 5. # Hashtags: The # symbol is referred to as a hashtag on Twitter and is used to help categorize tweets and make them easier to be found in Twitters search engine. Hashtags also help create exclusivity for a particular keyword. EX: #fsc12 is the hashtag for all tweetsrelated to the Five Star Default Servicing Conference. Twitter users who wouldlike to follow and interact with updates about the Five Star Conference via Twittershould add the hashtag #fsc12 in their tweets about the Five Star Conferenceand search for updates about the event by searching #fsc12 on Twitter.Note: Hashtags may not be separated with spaces. 8. 6. Twitter Search:The Twitter search function allows you to find real-time content from other Twitterusers. This is great for finding current events and real-time Tweets about specificsubjects of interest. EX: a search for real estate prompts the following tweet:- Phoenix home prices up 32% in past year 9. 7. Trending Topics:Trending topics are the most popularkeyword/phrase topics of the moment.Trending topics change regularly based uponthe amount of activity and interaction on thosekeywords/phrases.Trending topics are useful for staying updatedon current events, pop culture news, productreleases, and other real-time information. 10. 8. Privacy: Twitter is traditionally used as an open network in which users post content (tweets) for the public to see and interact with. If you would like to keep your tweets private, click your profile icon on your homepage, navigate to the settings link, and click theProtect my Tweets box. Protecting your tweets only allows users you approveto view your tweets.Note: Tweets posted prior to changing your privacy settings will remain publiclyposted. </p>