How do you get lean with heavy weight training

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How do you get lean by busting out reps with heavy weight training

How do you get lean BY BUSTING out REPS with heavy weight training

If you are not using heavy weight training to get leaner you could be wasting your time

HOW DO YOU GET LEAN BY BUSTING OUT REPS WITH HEAVY WEIGHT TRAINING Often I see people going to the gym and concentrating on cardio and aerobics in a quest to get in shape, this is one of the biggest mistakes I see, whether its due to avoidance or lack of awareness these people need to be doing heavy resistance weight training, this is the cornerstone to how to get lean because heavy weight training is how you build and shape your underlying musculature ready for display when your overlying body fat is melted off

HOW DO YOU GET LEAN BY BUSTING OUT REPS WITH HEAVY WEIGHT TRAINING The simple answer to how do you get lean is by losing body fat and building, shaping and tensioning your musculature, period, simple really, but there is a lot of advice out there to the contrary. If you want that lean appearance (like Tyler Durden or Jinx Jackson) when the body fat is melted away, then you need to build and shape your muscles. Now consider this, there are 168 hours in a week and you spend most of this time living your life, with a few simple dietary changes you can start melting away your body fat while you are away from the gym, so when you do go to the gym it's a better use of your time there to shape, build, muscularize and tension the foundation of your lean appearance, your underlying muscles. So with that being said this brings us to heavy weight training, the reason it needs to be heavy is because this is what challenges and stresses your muscles prompting them to adapt to the stress, if your muscles are not taxed by your routine then there is no reason for them to muscularize and shape up because the stress imposed is not sufficient to warrant that adaptive response, a common comparison is to consider getting a suntan, unless you expose your body to sufficiently high ultra violet radiation exposure (sunlight) no matter what you do you aren't going to get a tan, think about going outside at midnight to get a tan, it isn't going to work. The same holds true for your musculature, if it's not stressed enough it's not going to adapt i.e. grow stronger and muscularize (looking better).

www.howdoyougetlean.comHOW DO YOU GET LEAN BY BUSTING OUT REPS WITH HEAVY WEIGHT TRAINING Now you know why heavy resistance training is required to get lean, it's time to get started with this focus, all beginner trainers and even intermediate and long term trainers who have skipped these exercises previously should be looking to incorporate squats, deadlifts, bench presses and pull-ups into their routine as these exercises are the most taxing of all (especially deadlifts and squats). It's only with a solid foundation in these exercises that you can access if additional isolation exercises or reducing them out is required, for example you may find that your legs grow and muscularize to a greater extent than say your chest/shoulders/arms, at this point you could consider reducing your squat component and adding some isolation exercises for your chest and shoulders or alternatively you could find that your chest/shoulders and upper body respond more quickly than your legs and so you could consider reducing your bench pressing but add some leg isolation exercises, however starting out with endless isolation focus exercises would not reveal as quickly which parts of your body adapt faster, you could be spending forever doing flyes, lat raises etc. when your upper body grows faster simply by just doing bench presses...

www.howdoyougetlean.comHOW DO YOU GET LEAN BY BUSTING OUT REPS WITH HEAVY WEIGHT TRAINING The next part of the formula for your lean body is knowing the signs of overtraining and realising the serious consequence of this. When you have a training session and you cannot improve on the previous session then you are likely overtrained; back to the suntan comparison this is like being sunburnt, continuing to tan while burnt will not result in a better tan you are just burning yourself (and doing damage at that) the same effect applies to your heavy resistance training, continuing to train whilst not making any improvements in the reps and/or weight you can use, is comparable to getting a sunburn, you are not making any progress, your muscles have been overstressed and will not improve, you need to take a break from your training, 5-7 days, yes 5-7 days believe me, so you can recover, when you start back with your routine you should be again making improvements from the previous session. Continuing with this lean body routine, heavy resistance and adjusting your rest days sufficiently to avoid overtraining, complimented with simple wholefood diets away from the gym is how you get lean.

www.howdoyougetlean.comHOW DO YOU GET LEAN BY BUSTING OUT REPS WITH HEAVY WEIGHT TRAINING So to recap when training to get lean you need to focus on heavy resistance training during your time at the gym as this is what shapes and builds your muscles, this includes recording your sets and repetitions for each session, so you can determine when you are overtraining and just sunburning yourself so to speak. Adjusting your diet to a simple wholefood diet will melt away your body fat to reveal the underlying lean body you have been working for.Emma Rasmussen is a women who is concerned and bemused with the misconceptions out there about how do you get lean, it's simple a process and should grow you mentally to new levels, check out more free reports at