How do you get lean not with more cardio

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<ol><li> 1. Getting leaner is 80%+ about what you are eating andunderstanding the glycogen system When it comes to losing fat, the conventional wisdom, many people believe that longer, more frequent cardiovascular workouts are the solution. But this is a fallacy. If you want to know the real answer to how do you get lean, read </li><li> 2. Studies have indicated several reasons why.For those who arent watching their caloricintake, they may be defeating the effects of cardioby eating more. Others may not be getting theright kind of nutrition, essentially starving theirbodies, which react by storing more fat </li><li> 3. Cardio exercise causes the body to release cortisol, which is often called the stress hormone.One of the effects of cortisol is to ensure that a certain amount of body fat is retained. Thatsright, one of the reasons cardio isnt the answer to how do you get lean is that it can actuallyhave the opposite effect.One study which looked at marathon runners found that 12 percent of them showed evidenceof heart damage, while only 4 percent of the control group (non-runners) had a similar level ofdamage. The researchers were not able to prove that the difference was directly due torunning. While this doesnt relate directly to the question of how do you get lean, it does showthat doing lots of cardio doesnt provide the protection to the heart that it has been believed todo.Cardio burns calories while youre doing it, but has very little effect on your restingmetabolism. But muscle is different. When you increase your muscle mass, you increase yourresting metabolism, because muscle requires more calories to maintain.This is good news for you if you are wondering how do you get lean.Weight training has a stronger afterburn effect, too. Your resting metabolism will be boostedfor at least two hours following any strenuous exercise, but after a lifting session, the numberof calories burned is higher than following a cardio </li><li> 4. Another problem with cardio is that the more you do, the moreefficient your body becomes so you burn fewer calories with thesame amount of effort. You can compensate to some extent if youcontinually push yourself harder, but youll still get better resultswith weights.The best exercise plan if you really want to know how do you getlean is using interval training or circuit training. Interval trainingis the principle of performing an exercise with alternating periodsof high-intensity and low-intensity. Circuit training is theprinciple of moving through a sequence of exercises with little orno rest between them. </li><li> 5. So how do you get lean? Not by doing hours of boring cardio. Eat anutritious diet which provides you the calories you need and get regularexercise with a good ratio of weight training to cardio. Interval trainingand circuit training are good options because you get your heart rate upwhile doing resistance work at the same time. If you enjoy cardio, by allmeans continue to do it, but dont depend on it as the solution to how doyou get lean.</li></ol>