How do you get ideas

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Do you have idea, where does those ideas come from?


How do you get ideas

How do you get ideasSarang ShaikhLead Operation- Outa and BDM at TECH TV Pakistan

Do you have an idea for how to get ideas?Yes, they are! Still you dont get it, you know why?

Stop complaining, get on your feet and be creative

How to be creative?

Creativity comes, when you try and do different things, like:Expose yourself to new cultures TravelGain knowledge on every topic Reading Write your life learnt lessons Blog Dont just see, analyze Attend different domain eventsGet Mature- Work on things, you have never done beforeBe social attend as much social gatherings, as you canQuestion too much even the authorityMake your inner self more stronger- conquer your fear

Creative people are made, not born with this power

You know, that happens!

My experience on IdeasDont fake yourself in pursuing your dream idea, some times we just satisfy ourselves by doing nothing and still believing Yes we are different at least we are working on our ideas- work is good, but getting it implemented, getting some thing out is what you need to do, and that is exactly people will always see!

Idea! Mind Map it!

Small ideas, little projects- lead you to a business idea

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