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Leftovers Makeover By GreenBeing Nancy http://greenbeingnancy.blogspot.com/

Food Makeover

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Making use of leftover sardines.

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  • 1. Leftovers Makeover By GreenBeing Nancy http://greenbeingnancy.blogspot.com/
  • 2. Sardine Leftover Makeover
    • Ingredients
    • Leftover sardine
    • Leftover meat dish (optional)
    • Margarine
    • Onion chopped up
    • Oil
  • 3. Method
    • Quarter your bread, that is, cut a piece into half and half again.
    • Put the cut slices into a plate.
  • 4. Prepare to Cook
    • Prepare Sardine
    • Remove bones from sardine and mesh it up with margarine.
    • Mince and add meat leftover to sardine mixture if available.
    • To Cook Sardine
    • Pour a little oil in pan and fry chopped up onion till it is soft.
    • Then add sardine to pan.
    • Fry till the mixture is cooked.
    • It should not be too wet that it will make the bread soggy.
  • 5. Pan Fry Bread with Sardine
    • Heat up pan with a little oil.
    • Spread sardine on one side of bread.
    • Put the bread, sardine side down, into pan to fry.
    • Turn over to fry the other side once sardine side is done.
  • 6. Read to Eat
    • Decorate the pieces in a plate and it is read to be served.
    • So, what if you have more sardine than bread?
    • See next slide for
    • Sardine Makeover
    • Part 2
  • 7. Sardine Makeover Part 2 Pancake
    • Additional Ingredients
    • Ratio of 2 Tbsp of plain flour to 1 Tbsp rice flour
    • Salt
    • Water
    • Method
    • Create batter with rice flour and plain flour by adding water gradually.
    • Add batter to sardine mixture and mix well.
    • Add salt to taste.
    • If the batter is too watery to coat bread, add a little flour to the mixture.
  • 8. Fry Pancake
    • Heat up a little oil in a pan.
    • Scoop 2 Tbsp of the batter onto the hot pan to fry.
    • Keep doing that till all batter is used up.
    • Serve your pancake on plate.
  • 9. So, before you throw away.
    • Take a look at what you can
    • Cook
    • Teach
    • Create
    • Save the Environment
    • . find abundance from the abandoned.
    • http://greenbeingnancy.blogspot.com/